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Big Brother Season 24 Alum Daniel Durston Apologizes To Those He Offended After He Reportedly Mistreated Fellow Houseguest Taylor Hale

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Big Brother Season 24 fans could finally breathe a sigh of relief after Daniel Durston was eliminated last week, and it’s not because they dislike him as a house player. Instead, Durston’s exit means that no one would (hopefully) lash out at Taylor Hale out of nowhere and accuse her of things that she didn’t say or do.

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Daniel Durston Lashed Out At Taylor Hale While Trying To Protect Nicole Layog

Prior to his eviction, Daniel Durston shouted at Taylor Hale in front of their other housemates after his number one ally, Nicole Layog, claimed that the beauty queen exhibited passive-aggressive behavior towards her.

During the conversation with the former Festie Besties, Taylor told Nicole that if she decides to back out from the competition, the former would be fine with it. Taylor seemingly saw that Nicole was struggling at the time, so she wanted to reassure her that she wouldn’t take it against her if she bows out of the game.

However, Nicole took Taylor’s words out of context and accused her of being passive-aggressive. And when Daniel heard what Nicole said, he immediately slammed Taylor without listening to both sides first.

Daniel’s treatment of Taylor benefited the latter in the end because this is the reason why some of the other houseguests turned their back on Daniel. And they also created an underdog alliance called The Leftovers.

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Daniel Durston Apologizes To Fans He Hurt Or Triggered Due To His Treatment Of Taylor Hale

Now that Daniel is out of the game and he has had the opportunity to read through some of the comments, he issued an apology to those that he might have hurt or triggered along the way.

“Hello, world! I have many memories to share about my time in the Big Brother house, but first and foremost, I’d like to apologize to anyone I may have offended or triggered by my words and actions. I’m very much looking forward to having a private one-on-one conversation with Taylor once the season is over,” he wrote on Instagram.

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Big Brother Season 24 Alum Admits His Loyalty To His Friends Is Also His Flaw

During his interview with Us Weekly, Daniel also admitted that his treatment of Taylor wasn’t necessarily commendable. But he explained that he has the tendency of being too loyal to the people that he trusts.

As a result, he didn’t bother asking Taylor for her side when Nicole complained about the beauty queen’s behavior because she had 100 percent trust in Nicole.

“When I give my loyalty to someone, I trust them 100 percent. That is my flaw. Maybe in real life as well. So, hearing from certain people that I trusted, I believed it. I didn’t even go about the route to speak with her because I felt like it would get worse for me. Like I might say something worse or do whatever, you know? And so, I wanted to keep that space to remain as healthy as possible,” he said.

Daniel also confirmed what fans already saw on their television screens that he and Taylor just didn’t connect on a personal and a game level. But he’s still looking forward to correcting his mistakes after Big Brother Season 24 wraps up.

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