Prince William, Kate Middleton Agreed to Try for Baby No. 4 in 2023? Prince, Princess of Wales Allegedly Love the Idea of Being a Family of Six With George, Charlotte, Louis

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Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem happy and content with having three children, namely, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. But ever since the royal couple welcomed their youngest child, royal fans have been clamoring for the Prince and Princess of Wales to have more children.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Have Been Discussing Their Baby-Making Plans For 2023?

As of writing, Prince William and Kate Middleton have not directly expressed any desire to expand their family. But according to Closer Online, the royal couple has been having discussions behind closed doors.


“William and Kate have been back and forth about having a fourth child for a very long time. But lately, the mood has changed, they’ve been talking it over in more detail and both of them are keen to make it happen next year. Kate and William are trying not to put too much pressure on the situation and want to take a fairly relaxed approach, but she’d love to get pregnant again as soon as possible and to welcome a new addition at some point in 2023,” the source said.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Grateful To Have Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis?


The source also claimed that Prince William and Middleton couldn’t be more grateful to have been blessed with three healthy, adorable, and smart children. But if it were up to them, they want to become a family of six sometime next year.

“First and foremost, William and Kate both take the view that they’re totally blessed and fortunate to have three healthy and beautiful children who light up their lives and keep them incredibly occupied and busy in the best way possible. Parenthood and watching their children grow has surpassed all their wildest dreams and they have been dedicated to introducing them into life as senior Royals one day while allowing them to have a wonderful childhood,” the source said.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s 3 Kids Could Help Out With Their Future Baby Sibling?


The source added that since Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are much older now, they can surely help their parents when it comes to tending to their future siblings.

“They both love the idea of being a family of six and know that George, Charlotte, and, eventually, little Louis will step up to the plate and help them if they’re lucky enough to have another brother or sister. Welcoming a fourth child to the mix is something they’ve always been open to, but this year they’ve had to prioritize their new positions and responsibilities. Now they think a baby will make their family unit even stronger,” the source said.

However, only time will tell if Middleton will ever become pregnant again. The mom of three previously admitted to feeling broody when she’s around babies. But Middleton has not also shied away from admitting that Prince William doesn’t want to have more kids.

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