Prince William, Kate Middleton Need to Be Friendly to Prince Harry During King Charles' Coronation? His Majesty Is a 'Weak Man' for Worrying About Sussexes, Expert Claims

Credit: TIME/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TIME/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry are at odds. However, the Prince and Princess of Wales might need to look after the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes at King Charles' coronation, according to a report.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Need To Give Prince Harry A Warm Welcome?

Royal correspondent and commentator Camilla Tominey shared her thoughts about the upcoming coronation of King Charles. She speculated that His Majesty will be too busy, so Prince William and Kate Middleton may need to take care of Prince Harry.

In an article for The Telegraph, she wrote:

"The royals have to look as though they are accommodating him into the royal fold, he gets enveloped into their security arrangements for the big bank holiday weekend so he can't complain that he hasn't got security."

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She continued:

"I think it will probably be beholden on the Prince and Princess of Wales to extend some sort of hand of friendship, which is going to be difficult, but it's the King's big weekend. He is going to be otherwise engaged in matters involving gold state coaches and crowns, his wife is also being crowned."

She speculated that the task of looking after Prince Harry would be left to his big brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton like how the Waleses accommodated the Sussexes during a walkabout following Queen Elizabeth's death in September.

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King Charles Called A 'Weak Man' By A Royal Expert

British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower, author of Revenge, claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would only ruin King Charles' coronation. He also called the monarch "weak" for being too concerned about Prince Harry.

Bower said this of King Charles on GB News (via Express):

"His problem is that he is a weak man in a way and he's worried about Harry. If only he said to Harry, look, come to the Coronation, but you can have row Q, seat 54 and viewers partly obscured by a column, then the message will get through. But I think if he allows Harry to come to the Coronation, it is going to ruin the Coronation."

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Angela Levin, author of Harry: Biography of a Prince, seemingly echoed the same sentiment. She explained to Us Weekly that the monarch is also a father.

"He loves Harry. He might not like what he's doing, but he loves him and there's a weakness there for him. He doesn't want to lose him as a son," Levin said about the King.

What can you say about the experts' opinions about Prince Harry and King Charles? Do you agree that Prince William and Middleton will be looking after Prince Harry if the latter attends the coronation?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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