Prince William, Kate Middleton Losing Their New Prince and Princess of Wales Title? New Petition Calls to Scrap the Title

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles proclaimed Prince William and Kate Middleton the new Prince and Princess of Wales in his inaugural speech as the new monarch. However, there is a petition to scrap the title, according to a new report.

Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Lose Their Wales Titles?

A new petition calls for Prince William and Kate Middleton to scrap the Prince and Princess of Wales titles, and it has already surpassed the 35,000 signatories as Prince William, and Kate Middleton visited the country for the first time as the new Prince and Princess of Wales, Express reported.

The debate surrounding the titles increased following Queen Elizabeth's death, which triggered King Charles to ascend the throne and Prince William to be the new Prince of Wales. King Charles was the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history.

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The petition called the Prince of Wales title an "insult to Wales" and a "symbol of historical oppression." It also suggests that the country "is still a principality, undermining Wales' status as a nation and a country."

Prince Charles was invested with the Prince of Wales title in a ceremony at Caernarfon Castle, near Anglesey, in 1969. The ceremony was controversial and sparked protests and bomb plots. Prince William has no desire for an elaborate event to mark his investiture.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Made Their Debut As Prince And Princess Of Wales

On Tuesday, Prince William and Middleton made their first official visit to the country with their updated titles. They met the crew members and volunteers at RNLI Holyhead Lifeboat Station. Middleton also had a sweet encounter with a 4-year-old boy named Theo Crompton. The toddler appeared thrilled after seeing the Duchess of Cambridge. He smiled while handling her a small bouquet of pink roses.

Middleton was as delighted and even crouched down to chat with the little boy. Prince William later joined and was smiling while watching the two.

From the lifeboat, they went and visited Holyhead Marine and Café Bar before proceeding to St. Thomas's Church. The church bells rang to the tune of "God Save the King", and many of the 300 well-wishers sang along shortly before the new Prince and Princess of Wales arrived.

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The people who gathered to see Prince William and Middleton were very happy that they held the new titles.

"It's wonderful that Charles bestowed the title on them," local Sarah East, 65, told People. "He was always known as William of Wales as a boy. They're so well-suited to it as they've lived in Anglesey and know all about Wales."

"It's brilliant they're here. Our future King and Queen. It could not be better that it's them," 80-year-old Pauline Bushrod, who was also in the crowd, added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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