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Prince Harry Wanted a Little Bit of Distance From Meghan Markle? Duke of Sussex’s Body Language Reportedly Hinted at His Underlying Issues With His Wife

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been inseparable ever since they started dating in 2016. Throughout the past six years, some sources have been claiming that the couple has been dealing with some issues. Others even accused the Sussexes of divorcing, but nothing has been proven to be accurate.

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Does Prince Harry Have Underlying Issues With Meghan Markle?

But a body language expert recently claimed that Prince Harry could have some underlying issues with Meghan Markle. And it has reached a point where he wants to be a little distant from his wife.

Body language expert Katia Loisel noticed a clear indication of negative emotion from Prince Harry during the UN General Assembly in July.

“This is particularly evident in Prince Harry’s body language and facial expressions as he and Meghan listened to the speakers at the [UN] General Assembly… All is not well in Harry’s world. Typically attentive to Meghan’s needs, using touch and eye contact to convey both support and affection, Harry appears somewhat distant,” she said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Body Language Expert Claims Prince Harry Wants Some Distance From Meghan Markle

Loisel went on to say that Prince Harry made one gesture that indicated that he wanted some distance from Markle.

“His torso subtly titled to the left, orientated away from Meghan in what is known as ventral denial, suggesting a subconscious need for a little bit of distance,” she said.

One of the possible reasons why Prince Harry doesn’t seem to be completely OK is because he could be missing his family. According to royal biographer Hugo Vickers, the Duke of Sussex would be happier if he didn’t have a falling out with the British clan.

“As for members of the royal family stepping away, I don’t think it usually leads to happiness in the long run. Who knows what is going to happen to him, but he looks utterly miserable,” he said.

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Royal Author Calls Prince Harry ‘Emotionally Needy’

Earlier this year, royal author Tina Brown called Prince Harry emotionally needy and said that he has been taken over by Markle.

“He’s so emotionally needy that he’s been completely and utterly taken over by Meghan and his whole personality has changed. It’s a really sad thing to a great many people. Meghan seems to answer some huge needs in Harry and it seems like they are in a powerful co-dependency. And I do question how it will end,” she said (via Mirror UK).

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