Meghan Markle Unemployable Because People Are Scared to Work With Her? Duchess of Sussex Scatterguns Her Interviews, Royal Expert Claims

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Credit: Variety/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle was previously accused of contradicting some of her and Prince Harry's claims in their projects and interviews. A source recently claimed that even the producers of the couple's Netflix docuseries noticed some inconsistencies with regard to their stories.

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Royal Expert Accuses Meghan Markle Of Being Inconsistent With Her Interviews

Now, royal expert Neil Sean is making a similar claim against Meghan Markle. He said that the Duchess of Sussex has a tendency to scattergun her interviews.

"She kind of scatterguns these interviews around the world. She says one thing to Oprah Winfrey and another thing to another journalist. You can't seem to keep up. It does seem to be one problem after another. Now, it looks like she has become unmarketable. But more importantly, she's not very careful, and allegedly unemployable," he said (via OK! Magazine).

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Are People Scared To Work With Meghan Markle?

Sean went on to say that some people have also become scared of working with Markle.

"I've been told by a very good source that people will be very scared to take her on because seemingly at some point she will turn around and bite you. And that's the problem. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you are. If they feel that you're really documenting this experience for later use to portray yourself in a totally different light ... [you won't be hired]," he said.

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Meghan Markle Accused Of Seeking Fame And Fortune At The Expense Of The Royal Family?

Meanwhile, royal author Tom Bower also criticized Markle for allegedly seeking fame and fortune at the expense of the royal family.

"[Prince William saw through her, Prince Charles saw through her, Diana's brother Charles Spencer saw through her. She was adventurous and came here to make fame and fortune. Gone back to America is exploiting her royal title, making money out of causing misery," he said (via Express).

Bower also said that Prince Harry and Markle should no longer be allowed to be called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because they have been damaging the royal family through their projects and interview.s


"We don't know what the book is going to say, we've heard what he's said before - he and Meghan and Oprah Winfrey said 17 inaccuracies and lies. It was hugely damaging to the Royal Family and if you actually believe in the Royal Family as I do and think it's one of the most important status symbols in the world, and reflects Britain's status and values and everything. The couple in Montecito is making their fortune solely by damaging and destroying the Royal Family to promote their own fortunes, their own prestige, and their own brand... I don't think they should be allowed to call themselves the Duke and Duchess any more. They make their money by parading themselves as the Duke and Duchess and the Prince…" he said.

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