Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Revived Racism Allegations With His Recent Interview? Duke Of Sussex Reportedly Wants To Protect Queen Elizabeth

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Prince Harry’s recent interview continues to make headlines especially since royal experts have been dissecting his comment about Queen Elizabeth. The Duke of Sussex said that he’s making sure that the monarch is protected and that he has the right people surrounding her.

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Prince Harry’s Statement About Queen Elizabeth’s Protection Is As Damaging As His Racism Allegations

Following the interview, royal journalist Richard Eden likened Prince Harry’s comments about the queen’s protection to his racism allegations during his interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

At the time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle claimed that a certain member of the royal family had some concerns over the skin color of their son, Archie. After all, the Duchess of Sussex is mixed race.

“Regular viewers of this program will know that I was left furious after that Oprah interview. They threw those accusations out there, and what was so damaging was it was left hanging. They sort of suggested that the royal family was racist without naming anyone. And that led to all sorts of speculations and has ever since. Here we are again … Everyone is talking about ‘What does he mean by protection? Who’s not looking after the queen?’ Even the prime minister asked ‘Is the protection adequate for the queen?’ And we’re all trying to see who he’s having a dig at,” Eden told Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential.

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Prince Harry Accused Of Being Bitter

Royal expert Richard Palmer said that Prince Harry’s recent statement about the queen’s protection came from a place of bitterness. After all, he previously claimed that his wife didn’t get the support that she needed from the royal family.

“He talked about how he wanted to make sure the Queen was protected and has the right people around her and I think that has really left people wondering who he is talking about and what he means. It’s been seen as a dig at some of the senior advisers to the Queen. I think there’s a little bit of bitterness left over from after he and Meghan got married and they felt Meghan didn’t get the help and support she needed,” he said (via Express).

Prince Harry refused to elaborate on his interview after reporters asked him how he plans to protect the queen. Now, the Duke of Sussex is facing a string of criticisms because of his cryptic statement.

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Prince Harry Shouldn’t Have Made A Comment About Queen Elizabeth Ahead Of Her Birthday

One royal source reportedly claimed that Prince Harry’s statement was untimely because it is the queen’s 96th birthday. And instead of focusing on her, royal experts and royal fans are more focused on what Prince Harry said about his grandmother.

“It is the Queen's birthday and despite a difficult year people are working full steam ahead on making her Platinum Jubilee an event to remember that properly honors such a remarkable woman. She just doesn't deserve this. I have no idea what intention he may or may not have had in saying this, but Harry needs to start thinking before he opens his mouth,” the source told Daily Mail (via


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