Prince Andrew Shock: Duke Of York’s Attendance At Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Confirmed? Sarah Ferguson’s Husband Could Reportedly Prevent Prince Harry, Meghan Markle From Attending

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Credit: CNBC International TV/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly invited to attend Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June, and all signs are suggesting that the couple accepted the invitation.

If this is the case, Prince Harry and Markle would be reuniting with all the key members of the royal family for the first time since their Megxit. And this would include Prince Andrew, who will also attend the important event that will honor the queen.

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Prince Andrew’s Presence At Platinum Jubilee Could Determine Whether Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Would Attend

But military consultant Christopher Joll said that Prince Harry and Markle might be forced to avoid Prince Andrew at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee if they decide to attend. Worse, it’s also possible for the couple to skip the event because of the Duke of York.

“They've entered into multimillion-dollar contracts with Netflix and Spotify amongst others. We know that there was a Netflix crew lurking in the precincts of Windsor Castle for the most recent meeting. That creates several problems one of which is if the Queen is determined that Prince Andrew should be part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, his appearance at the memorial service on the arm of his mother would indicate that he is going to be part of it. Netflix will run a million miles or they will tell the Sussexes to run a million miles from being in the same shot with Prince Andrew,” he said (via Express).

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Prince Andrew Receives Queen Elizabeth’s Support

Prince Andrew has not directly confirmed his attendance at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. But his appearance at Prince Philip’s memorial service proved that this could be the case. After all, the Duke of York didn’t just attend the service; he also escorted the queen too and from Westminster Abbey.

Prior to this outing, Prince Andrew stayed away from the public’s eye while battling his sexual abuse case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. But after a couple of years, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband shocked the entire world when his lawyers confirmed that he had already reached a settlement with his accuser.

As of late, it’s unclear how much money Prince Andrew paid Giuffre. But royal experts are convinced that the entire amount didn’t come from his bank account alone. Instead, Prince Charles also helped finance his younger brother’s settlement because the Duke of York doesn’t have a steady source of income since he stopped working as a senior royal.

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Prince Andrew Dragged In A New Scandal

But just weeks after he reached a settlement, Prince Andrew is once dragged into another scandal. Earlier this month, Prince Andrew was accused of accepting a huge sum of money from Selman Turk, an exiled businessman accused of embezzlement.

According to The Guardian, Turk gave Prince Andrew a huge sum of money in order to procure a passport. But Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s father claimed to have paid him back the full amount within 16 months.

In 2019, Prince Andrew was once again linked to Turk after the company that he founded, Heyman AI, won a People’s Choice Award from the Duke of York.


As of late, it’s unclear what will happen to Prince Andrew’s recent fraud case.

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