Jana Kramer Breaks Silence on Her Divorce Mike Caussin, Ex’s Infidelity, Explains What Her Ampersand Tattoo Signifies

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Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Jana Kramer has been very open about her relationship struggles with Mike Caussin when they were still together. The Dancing With the Stars alum also detailed her ex-husband's cheating scandals in the past. But it was only during her recent interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith that she gave fans an update about how she has been doing since the divorce.

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Jana Kramer Got An Ampersand Tattoo To Symbolize Hurt And Healing

Jana Kramer appeared on the latest episode of Red Table Talk, where she talked about the meaning behind her new ampersand tattoo. She said that the ink signifies that she can do and feel two things at the same time.

"That's why I got the ampersand tattoo. Because I can be healing and hurt. I can be in pain and hopeful," she said (via Us Weekly).

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Jana Kramer Details Her One-Minute Of Craziness Amid Mike Caussin's Cheating Scandals

Kramer also candidly revealed how she smashed and destroyed Caussin's video games and Xbox after he claimed that those were his only vices. The singer also wrote on Caussin's tuxedos and admitted that she went crazy for a minute after finding out that her ex-husband cheated on her on multiple occasions.

At one point, Caussin even tried to put the blame on Kramer for his endless cheating scandals. He claimed that exposing his infidelities on their podcast became the catalyst for more cheating instances to take place.

"He says the podcast was a catalyst for more of his cheating because it made him feel like he always had the spotlight on him. So, then I felt like it was my fault because if only we didn't have that podcast, he wouldn't have cheated. ... He felt pressure to be this perfect [guy]," Kramer explained.

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Jana Kramer's Kids Will Celebrate Christmas With Their Dad

With Christmas Day nearing, Kramer revealed that her children would be spending the holiday at their dad's house. Kramer admitted that this is heartbreaking for her since she also wants to be with her kids on Christmas Day.

"It makes me sad when I [leave] because I'm going home and my kids are [with their dad]," she said.

Talking about their Christmas plans or the lack thereof, Kramer said, "That one's gonna hurt. That's when I get like, 'That's not fair. You took away my dream too of what I wanted for my family,'" she said.


These days, Kramer seems to be in a much better place. She continues to do more healing and forgiveness, not just for Caussin but also for herself.

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