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Kate Middleton Confident Prince William, Prince Harry Would Eventually Reconcile? Princess of Wales a Good Person Who Always Sees the Best in People, Source Claims

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship remains strained. And while some royal fans have already given up hope that the siblings would one day reconcile, the same cannot be said about Kate Middleton.

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Kate Middleton Wants Prince William, Prince Harry To Reconcile

According to royal expert Neil Sean, Kate Middleton is confident that reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry can still happen sometime in the near future. After all, the mom of three knows that the brothers were once best friends.

Even though there’s still so much hurt and anger between the brothers because of everything that’s happened, Middleton knows that the distance between Prince William and Prince Harry won’t be forever.

“Catherine, herself, is still believing that one day, the brothers would reconcile. She knows just how much anger and anguish this particular breakup has caused both William and Harry,” Sean said (via Express).

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Kate Middleton Always Sees The Good In Prince William, Prince Harry

Sean added that Middleton is a good person, and she also sees the good in other people. This is why she wants Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile. This desire has nothing to do with the fact that the brothers are part of the institution but because they used to be very close.

However, royal commentator Christina Garibaldi claimed that Middleton has decided not to meddle with Prince William and Prince Harry’s issues. The Princess of Wales tried to serve as a peacemaker for the brothers, but her efforts did not reap positive results.

“Kate] had a quiet word with the boys separately. [She even went] as far as calling Harry in Montecito and suggesting that he reached out to William on his birthday. There’s not much hope,” she said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Kate Middleton Could Seek Meghan Markle’s Help For Prince William, Prince Harry To Reconcile

But another source told Us Weekly that Middleton plans to extend an olive branch to Meghan Markle when she’s in the United States. And the sisters-in-law can join forces in trying to help Prince William and Prince Harry patch things up.

“Once Kate and William’s Boston plans are set in stone, she’s planning to extend an olive branch to Meghan in a bid to reunite the brothers and heal the rift. [Prince] Harry and Meghan are knee-deep with their hectic schedules, but Meghan is willing to put in the effort as long as dates don’t clash,” the source said.

Middleton will reportedly do everything that she can to bridge the gap between the brothers because this is what Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana would’ve wanted.

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