Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Shock: Body Language Expert Question Sussexes’ Account of Duchess of Sussex’s First Meeting With Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Kate Middleton

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared her first encounter with Queen ElizabethKate Middleton and Prince William in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. However, a body language expert found something odd in their recollection.

Meghan Markle Stressed During First Meeting With Prince William, Kate Middleton?

In one episode of Harry & Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex shared her first meeting with the late Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales. Markle said her first meeting with the Queen wasn't planned, and Prince Harry asked her if she knew how to curtsy.

She also recalled wearing ripped jeans and barefoot when she met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the first time after the latter came over for dinner.

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Markle said she was a hugger and the Waleses' were not, unlike her. Body language analyst Spidey studied Markle's gestures and noticed how her eyes fluttered, her head went back and how she licked her lip.

Markle's movement reportedly showed "how stressed she was and how taken aback she was that hugging was unacceptable or wasn't the norm."

"Yeah but I kind of get it," Spidy said, per Showbiz CheatSheet.

"You're with royalty, you're surrounded by royalty. There are certain ways that things have to be done and so it kind of makes sense that in that environment you have to behave a certain way. And then behind closed doors you can just relax and be yourself again."

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He added that there was something in the clip that he had a hard time understanding. He was wondering why it appeared like Prince Harry didn't brief Markle when she was about to meet his brother and sister-in-law.

"If you're being introduced to royalty to, at that time, second heir to the throne because she's meeting William and Catherine — that either Harry would have said something in order to prepare her," he said. "And if he didn't, you would expect that she would ask, out of respect."

"I'm struggling with that. I'm struggling to believe that they didn't have that conversation, nobody told her … that she didn't know. If that is the case, she didn't ask, out of respect… It's not a great look for me that she didn't care."

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Prince Harry's Behavior In Harry & Meghan' Highly Suspicious', Expert Claims

Spidey wasn't also sold out with the idea of Markle meeting the Queen for the first time without any expectations. He believed that the Duke of Sussex should have warned her or given her some idea of what to expect in the Queen's presence.

"A part of me would expect that anybody who was in a situation where they're going to meet the queen would be given certain instructions," he said.

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The expert struggled to understand why Prince Harry didn't give his wife any idea how to prepare for the meeting. He examined Prince Harry's gestures in the docuseries and said his behavior is "highly suspicious." His movements reportedly indicate increasing "odds of deception."

He noticed Prince Harry licking his lips, and touching his face, which are indicators of deception. He also noticed the Duke of Sussex's hesitations and repetition of some of his words.

"He's very stressed about this," Spidey said of Prince Harry.

"Take these behaviors and combine it with the fact that I simply have a hard time believing that nobody prepped her a little bit [about meeting the queen]."

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Prince Harry Helped Meghan Markle Prepare For Her First Meeting With King Charles

The body language expert has a point. In Prince Harry's book Spare, he discussed how he briefed Markle when she was about to meet his father, King Charles. So, it was odd that he didn't do the same when Markle was about to meet the Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry said Markle looked beautiful during the meeting, and she wore a "full skirt, patterned with flowers." He encouraged her to wear a "little" makeup because his dad "didn't approve of women who wore a lot" and to keep her hair cascading over her shoulders because "Pa likes it when women wear their hair down," Us Weekly reported.

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"Meg and I had rehearsed this moment several times. For Pa, curtsy. Say, 'your royal highness' or 'sir,'" he said to help her prepare for the greeting protocol.

He also told Markle that she didn't have to curtsy to his stepmother Queen Camilla. Markle reportedly said, "You sure?" and he said, "I didn't think it appropriate."

What can you say about Spidey's observation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Harry & Meghan?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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