Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Never Hugged Queen Elizabeth Because It Wasn’t Sanctioned, Says Princess Diana Was No Different

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry seems to be the more affectionate one, between him and his older brother, Prince William. In fact, when he started dating Meghan Markle, photos of the couple canoodling with each other emerged online. Prince Harry and his wife were also accused of engaging in PDA far too much compared to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Prince Harry Claims He Never Hugged Queen Elizabeth Because Such An Act Wasn't Sanctioned

But in the audiobook for his new memoir Spare, Prince Harry revealed that as affectionate as he might be to his wife and kids, he wasn't allowed to be touchy toward his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

According to the Duke of Sussex, there was one instance in 2002 when he wanted to hug the Queen, but he didn't because he knew that it wasn't sanctioned.

"To see her tapping her foot and swaying in time, I wanted to hug her. But of course, I didn't. Out of the question. I never had done and couldn't imagine any circumstance under which such an act would be sanctioned," he said (via Newsbreak).

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Princess Diana Didn't Also Get To Hug Queen Elizabeth When She Was Still Alive?

Prince Harry also revealed that his late mother, Princess Diana, wasn't also allowed to hug the Queen. And on one instance, the then-Princess of Wales made headlines for seemingly trying to hug the monarch.

"There's a famous story about mummy trying to hug Granny. It was actually more of a lunge than a hug if eyewitnesses can be believed. Granny swerved to avoid contact, and the whole thing ended very awkwardly with averted eyes and murmured apologies," Prince Harry said.

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King Charles Reportedly Grew Up Needing Queen Elizabeth's Affection

King Charles' youngest son also revealed that his late grandfather, Prince Philip was no different. He suggested that he wasn't also able to hug him during his lifetime and wondered if the Queen and Prince Philip ever had the chance to hug their eldest son.

"I wondered, watching Granny rock out to Brian May if Pa ever tried [to hug her]. Probably not," he said.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey previously claimed that King Charles grew up needing his mother's affection.

"Charles, it was his misfortune to need his mother's affections at the time when her job was also demanding that she give herself to her people. Everybody in those early years remarked on how stilted and formal the Queen was. Charles suffered from that, probably more than anybody else. Because of the growing power of the media, Charles and his mother were subjected to private reunions in public scenarios," he said (via WHO).

But Jane Stevens, a former lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, defended the late Queen by saying that her lack of affection didn't mean that she was a bad parent.

"Sometimes the press tried to make out that Elizabeth wasn't a good mother. If you talk to them about it, it's not true. But she was working much harder than most other women," she said.

Following Prince Harry's revelations, some royal fans took to social media to sympathize with him. His supporters said that it was heartbreaking to know that the Queen died without ever experiencing Prince Harry's hug.

Another person said that the royal family's lack of physical affection toward each other makes her sad.

Another royal fan said that grandma hugs are the best, and it's sad that Prince Harry missed out on them.

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