Prince William Shock: Queen Elizabeth Hands Over The Baton To Her Grandson Amid Her 'Failing' Health

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William is one of Queen Elizabeth’s strongest and most dedicated allies. As the future king of Britain, Prince William has been supporting the queen for almost all his life but even more so now that the queen is getting older. The monarch also suffered a series of health problems in the past couple of weeks, so she was forced to pass on the baton to her heirs, Prince Charles and Prince William.

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Queen Elizabeth Gives Prince Charles, Prince William More Duties, Responsibilities

While speaking with the Royally US, royal expert and correspondent Jonathan Sacerdoti revealed that Prince Charles and Prince William were given more responsibilities while the queen was recovering from COVID-19. And in the coming months, the father and son will most likely take on more workload to ease the queen’s burdens.

“So, I think that it's been really interesting to watch that over the years not just over the last two years during the Covid pandemic but also generally during the Queen's later life. There has been more activity shared out among the family among the working Royals and even before Meghan and Harry left the country and left the working royal family, they also shouldered some of that burden. I think that’s been a feature of the later part of Her Majesty the Queen's life,” Sacerdoti said.

Queen Elizabeth Needs The Royal Family’s Support

The royal correspondent explained that what Prince Charles and Prince William are doing for the queen is no different from what members of non-royal families are also doing.

“And that is to say that as somebody gets older in any family or in any business or work role, they may allow other people to step in and do some of the activities that require a slightly younger body, maybe even sometimes a slightly younger mind. The Queen stopped doing international travel some years ago and then those sorts of trips were shared out to among other members of the family,” he said.

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The royal expert also talked about the pandemic and the changes that the royal family went through during this time on top of Prince Philip’s death.

“So, we've seen the same sort of thing happened during the lockdown and then during the period of ill health that Prince Philip had before he passed away. And now during the Queen's Covid and other health issues that she has been reported to have had since October. So the others are taking on more of the duties and in fact, I think it's quite good for them as well because Prince Charles has always been a hard-working Royal and Prince William too. But the more they get to do now, the more the baton is being handed over in such a way that they're getting used to some of those roles or when they themselves are monarch,” he said.

Sacerdoti added that this is how things work within the royal family. The heirs would one day grow up and inherit the duties and responsibilities of the monarch. And this is what’s been happening with Prince Charles and Prince William.

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Queen Elizabeth Relied On Prince Charles, Prince William While Recovering From COVID-19

Last month, People revealed that the queen was in regular contact with Prince Charles and Prince William while she was recovering from COVID-19. This is another proof that she has been relying more on the father and son especially now that she’s older.

“They operate together — not as equals because the Queen remains in charge — but William is a very active component in the way the monarchy protects itself,” royal historian Robert Lacey said.

Fellow royal historian Amanda Foreman also weighed in on the future of the British monarchy.

“When you start to think about your own mortality, there's a very strong urge to do housekeeping,” she said.

A source also told the publication that the queen has been dealing with so many things, and it’s only a matter of time before they take their toll on Her Majesty.

So, even before this happens, the queen is already doing some damage control by entrusting more of her duties to Prince Charles and Prince William.

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