Prince Harry Feels Superior to Prince William? Meghan Markle's Husband Thinks He's Better Than His Brother, Body Language Expert Claims

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube SCreenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube SCreenshot

Prince Harry felt superior to his big brother, Prince William, at some point when he spoke about their baldness in his book Spare and during an interview while promoting his memoir, according to a body language expert.

Prince Harry Feeling Superior To Prince William?

Body language expert Adrianne Carter examined Prince Harry's facial expressions during his interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes. During the interview, the author read an excerpt from his book describing an encounter with his brother.

"You write about a contentious meeting you had with him in 2021," Cooper read. "You said, 'I looked at Willy, really looked at him, maybe since the first time since we were boys, I took it all in, his familiar scowl which had always been his default in dealings with me, his alarming baldness more advanced than my own.'"

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Carter pointed out the telling look on Prince Harry's face when he responded to Cooper's question after reading the passage from his memoir. Carter told Express.

"We see a really strong facial expression of contempt — pursing the lips. Contempt means ‘I feel superior and I really don’t like what I’m seeing or hearing."

She also noticed a "clue" in Prince Harry's facial expression when he talked about the Prince of Wales' baldness. The expert said there was a "one-sided half smile."

Carter explained what it suggested:

"That means ‘I feel superior, I’m better than.’ He’s quite proud of the fact he isn’t as advanced bald as his brother."

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Prince Harry Confused About His Feelings With Brother Prince William?

In the interview, Cooper commented that Prince Harry's words "alarming baldness" to describe his brother was "pretty cutting." However, Meghan Markle's husband argued and said that they love each other and he loves him deeply.

Here's what Carter saw when Prince Harry said those words.

"When Harry says ‘I love my brother deeply,’ we see a frown appear on his face — just very briefly. Now, that can mean three different things; anger, confusion and concentration."

The expert added:

"My guess — because I can’t ask him the question — my guess is confusion. I feel he is very conflicted with his feelings. He loves his brother, he says it with an intensity I believe, but there’s also this furrowed brow."

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Additionally, Carter felt that Prince Harry was telling the truth from his own perspective, and it didn't matter if other people saw it in the same way or not. It's just his own version of the truth.

The expert stressed that the Duke of Sussex isn't denying reality, but whether the other people's reality matched his, is where the difference lies.

What can you say about the expert's comment on Prince Harry's interview with Anderson Cooper?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Prince Harry.

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