Prince Harry Abandoning His Anticipated Memoir? Meghan Markle’s Husband Will Be Torn Between His Love for the Royal Family and His Wife

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry plans to drop his memoir late this year. However, a royal commentator offered unsolicited advice telling him to abandon it.

Prince Harry Should Abandon Memoir To Mend Relationship With His Family

Royal commentator Sandro Monetti weighed in on Prince Harry's anticipated memoir. He believed that the book included some sensitive content that could probably hurt the members of the firm and only worsen the Sussexes' relationship with his family.

"My big worry is the Harry book. You don't get an advance as big as that unless there's going to be some negativity in it, that's just the way publishing and the media works," he told Express.

"Harry should pulp all those copies of the book and abandon the project. I know it has been delayed but I don't see how shortly after the death of the Queen and ahead of his father's coronation it helps."

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He added that if Prince Harry wanted to share something to get off his chest, he could also do so, and it would be "fascinating to watch." For him, Prince Harry, Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton's pictures during the walkabout were beautiful, and he feared there would be regrets after his memoir.

"I hope we aren't looking back at them in the future and thinking 'look how good it was before the book came out,'" Monetti continued.

The expert admitted that every family has internal arguments, and he is one of those who feel that it can be better solved through communication.

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Prince Harry's Book Was Already Published And There Would Be No Turning Back

Another royal expert claimed this week that Prince Harry would be "torn" between his desire for his family to accept him again and his love for his wife. Robert Jobson said it would be difficult to abandon the project as the memoir was already published, and there would be no going back for the Duke of Sussex.

"He has signed a four-book deal worth millions with Penguin Random House. He needs the money to fund his flash Californian lifestyle," Jobson wrote for The Sun. "Once that book, which is now written, hits bookshelves there will be no going back for Harry."

He added, "The Oprah interview, in which Meghan falsely claimed their children were denied titles, proves they can deal in untruths. As the Queen put it if 'recollections may vary' there will doubtlessly be more rancour."

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Jobson added that King Charles wanted to ensure the survival of the monarchy than deal with his petulant son. If something happened to him or Prince William, the next in line to the throne would be 9-year-old Prince George.

There needs to be a Prince of Princess until Prince George is old enough to handle his duty in the monarchy — something which Queen Elizabeth was also worried about that was why she didn't want Prince William to fly by helicopter to his Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

The task would traditionally fall to Prince Harry. However, since he is not a working royal, King Charles would likely break the precedent and give the task to his sister, Princess Anne. The Princess Royal has been a pillar of support for the monarch.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry, King Charles and Prince William.

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