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Prince Charles Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Son Not Fit To Be King Following ‘Cash In Bags’ Scandal? Royal Commentator Reportedly Thinks Britons Would Favor Prince William More

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles is involved in an alleged “cash in bags” scandal.

According to reports, the heir to the throne accepted cash in bags amounting to $4.5 million from a Qatari sheik. But a rep for Prince Charles stressed that he immediately handed over the money to his aides and asked for it to be donated to his charitable foundation.

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Some Britons Want The Police To Investigate Prince Charles’ Alleged Cash In Bags Scandal

But according to New Idea, some Britons are urging the police to conduct an investigation into the matter.

While speaking with the publication, royal commentator Phil Dampier also said that the scandal has once again placed Prince Charles in a negative light. After all, several Britons already doubt that he’s capable of being king. And following his alleged lack of judgment, they may have just strengthened their case against him.

“Over the last 40 years or so Charles has accepted donations for his various charities. But why on earth did he think it right to take a large sum in cash? Surely a cheque made out to the charity would have been a far better option. He’s stumbled from one crisis to another. It calls into question his judgment, and the Queen and Prince William must be deeply worried by it all,” Dampier said.

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Prince Charles May Not Be Fit As King Following The Cash In Bags Scandal

The royal commentator added that Britons would continue to question if Prince Charles is fit to be the next king of Britain. And they will also start to wonder whether it would be best if he doesn’t ascend the throne and Prince William takes over his place.

Last year, Prince Charles lost his key aide Michael Fawcett amid reports that he arranged an honor for a Saudi billionaire in exchange for an honorary title. At the time, Prince William’s dad denied any knowledge of the transaction.

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Prince Charles Denied Any Wrongdoing After The Scandal Made Headlines

According to The Daily Beast, an investigation regarding the matter took place, but the results have not been released to the public.

And just recently, The Sunday Times claimed that Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani gave Prince Charles bags of cash between 2011 and 2015. On those three occasions, HBJ allegedly gave the future king approximately $1 million in each bag.

Clarence House immediately tried to silence the reports by saying that the correct process for donating money was followed. The only difference was that the donation from HBJ was given in cash.

But an insider claimed that the situation left some of Prince Charles’ staffers feeling uncomfortable.


“One of Charles’s former advisers who handled some of the cash felt very uncomfortable about the situation. The only thing we could do was to count the money and make a mutual record of what we’d done. And then call the bank,” the source said.

However, a formal investigation into the matter hasn’t commenced. And it’s unclear if it ever will after Prince Charles’ staff insisted that the future king didn’t do anything wrong.

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