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Princess Diana Heartbreak: Princess Of Wales Wanted To Be With Prince Charles Even After They Were Forced To Divorce, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was no fairytale. Prior to their divorce, some royal fans thought that Princess Diana was living the dream because she married the future king of Britain. But it didn’t take the public to realize that Princess Diana was quite unhappy in her marriage.

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Princess Diana Saw Prince Charles As The Love Of Her Life, Didn’t Want To Divorce Him

But according to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, Princess Diana didn’t want her marriage to end no matter how difficult things got.

“At that point in her life, she had made so many sacrifices for the royal family and it was time to shift to her wants and needs. She did sacrifice so much and she did do everything she was told to do. And at the end of the day, she still didn’t win. I think she wanted to be with Prince Charles. I would still argue that he was the love of her life; I don’t think that she was the love of his life,” Schofield told Express.

The royal commentator added that Princess Diana was in it for the long haul. After all, she gave her husband an heir and a spare.

“And she showed up to the events and smiled. And she was a superstar despite not having pursued that. And she did everything she was told to do. And she stayed in line until she realized that she was not being rewarded for following directions,” she said.

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Queen Elizabeth Ordered Prince Charles, Princess Diana’s Divorce

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth was the one who ordered Prince Charles and Princess Diana to divorce. The decision was made after the Princess of Wales’ controversial interview with Panorama aired in 1995.

During her conversation with Martin Bashir, Princess Diana revealed that there were three of them in her marriage. She also confessed to suffering from an eating order and suggested that she was not being heard within the palace walls.

Her interview with Bashir reportedly upset the queen. And she ordered Prince Charles and Princess Diana to finalize their divorce shortly after. But prior to this, the Prince and Princess of Wales were already separated for four years.

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Princess Diana Had Secret Conversations With Andrew Morton Before Her Separation From Prince Charles

In fact, one year prior to her separation from Prince Charles, Princess Diana already started having conversations with royal biographer Andrew Morton. They were reportedly preparing for the upcoming release of their interview.

At that time, that Christmas, Diana was hiding all over the place taking secret phone calls with Andrew Morton because they were preparing to release the book. This was a woman that was finding her ‘out’. She was strategizing — some might say scheming, I say strategizing. This was not a woman who was unraveling, this was a woman who was taking control of the situation, she was taking back her life. By the end of her life, she had changed the narrative and she had taken control of her circumstances. Diana was smart enough to strategize how to change the narrative and get her story out there because she did not want to be seen as crazy,” Schofield said.

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