Prince Andrew’s Security Terrified of His Temper? Duke of York Reportedly an Unpleasant Character So No One Wants to Upset Him

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew has been embroiled in all sorts of controversies throughout his lifetime. He was most recently accused of sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre and was forced to step down from his royal duties because of the issue. Now, a new report claims that the Duke of York is a pain to work for.

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Prince Andrew Gave His Staffers At The Royal Lodge A Hard Time Due To His Temper

According to Mirror UK, Prince Andrew’s temper was so bad that his staffers at the Royal Lodge were terrified of him. They also think that the dad of two has an unpleasant character that’s why no one wants to upset him.

Since Prince Andrew’s staffers are scared that he could go into a rage at any time, they did not bother asking him if he had a scheduled meeting with a woman who was later found to be an intruder.

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Prince Andrew Received A Visit From An Intruder Who Pretended To Know Him

The incident reportedly happened in November when a woman arrived at the Royal Lodge and said that she had a date with Prince Andrew. The security staff at the property allowed the woman to enter the premises without asking Prince Andrew if he was really supposed to see her because they were worried about his temper.

After 40 minutes, security personnel at the Royal Lodge became suspicious of the woman. And when they checked her bag, she had a protective device, as well as maps of the entire property.

At the time, Prince Andrew wasn’t also at the Royal Lodge, so he never came across the unnamed intruder.

Protection officer Philip Grindell claimed that Prince Andrew was such a pain in the a**, and those who worked with him agreed that he has an unpleasant character.

“The security was terrified of asking him ‘is anyone turning up?’ And because they did not want to upset him, no one asked and they assumed he must have an appointment and let her in. The security was terrified of asking him,” Grindell said.

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Prince Andrew Had Temper Tantrums, Dubbed Baby Grumpling

Earlier this year, royal author Nigel Cawthorne claimed that Prince Andrew grew up having temper tantrums. So, as a kid, he was branded as a baby grumpling.

“From the beginning, palace staff found him a handful. His nanny, Mabel Anderson, called him Baby Grumpling — because of his temper tantrums and obstinacy. And Andrew’s alternative nickname was ‘that young imp’ as he was always getting up to mischief, such as removing all the valves from Mabel’s radio or tying the sentries’ shoelaces,” he said (via Express).

Cawthorne also suggested that Prince Andrew developed his unpleasant character because Queen Elizabeth always forgave him for what he did.

“Somehow, Andrew was always forgiven — even when he sprinkled itching powder in his mother’s bed or climbed onto the roof of Buckingham Palace to turn the TV aerial so that the Queen wouldn’t be able to watch the racing at Sandown Park. After that last prank, however, even his fond mother had to admit: ‘He is not always a little ray of sunshine about the home,’” he said.

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