Prince Andrew Not a Part of King Charles III’s Plans for the Future of the Monarchy? Princess Beatrice’s Dad Still Dealing With the Aftermath of His Disastrous Interview in 2019

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Royal fans saw Prince Andrew pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth following her death. He was present at the vigils for Her Majesty, and he also attended his mother’s funeral. However, this might be one of the last times that the public would see the Duke of York.

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Prince Andrew Not Included In King Charles III’s Plans For The Monarchy

While speaking with Fox News Digital, True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen said that Prince Andrew’s life as a working royal is over for good because it’s unlikely for King Charles III to include him in his plans for the British monarchy.

“We won’t be seeing very much more of him in the coming weeks and months. I don’t believe that he is a part of the king’s plan for the future of the monarchy. The king has been very clear in saying that he wants a slimmed-down monarchy. He’s focusing on immediate heirs. Having [his grandchildren] Prince George and Princess Charlotte as part of the funeral was a very clear message – this is the future,” he said.

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King Charles III Focused On Prince William, Kate Middleton, And Their Children

Bullen also said that King Charles III would be focused more on Prince William and Kate Middleton, who happen to be the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

“I think that’s where you will see the king focusing all of his attention on – the Prince and Princess of Wales. A role for Prince Andrew just doesn’t exist anymore. He won’t be given any of his military titles again. He’s not going to be a working royal again. So, I think we won’t be seeing very much of him on the public stage again,” he said.

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Prince Andrew Thought His Interview With Emily Maitlis Cleared His Name

Years ago, Prince Andrew announced that he would be stepping down from his royal duties following his disastrous interview with Emily Maitlis. Former BBC Newsnight producer Sam McAlister was surprised with how the interview turned out and the fact that the Duke of York thought that he did so well.

“As I lifted my eyes to survey the scene, the chaos of television — the cables, the wires, all the crew — the thing that is most shocking to see is how cheerful and upbeat he is. He’s feeling so positive that he offers us a tour of the palace. The pictures that the world saw of [him and Maitlis] striding down the palace were taken after the disastrous interview took place. That gives you a taste of just how well he thought it had gone,” he said.

Prince Andrew’s interview later became one of the topics of a new book titled Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews.

McAlister also described Prince Andrew as delusional because he thought that the interview would finally clear his name. However, the opposite happened.

“He has what I called, ‘the royal delusion.’ I don’t mean that obnoxiously or pejoratively, but the lifestyle had put him in a position where he believed that he was capable of giving good answers. He believed that he would be able to vindicate himself and return to the life that he led. He wanted to walk Princess Beatrice down the aisle. His birthday was coming, and he probably wanted to have a big party. And he wanted to try to set the record straight…” he said.


In the end, Prince Andrew still could not return to his royal duties. And some royal fans are still convinced that he’s guilty of sexual abuse even if he already reached an agreement with his accuser.

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