Prince Andrew Shock: Princess Beatrice’s Father Reportedly ‘Perplexed’ Why His HRH Title Hasn’t Been Returned, Could Get ‘Low-Key’ Consent From King Charles to Use It

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Prince Andrew’s HRH title was removed after he was accused of sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Following several months of back and forth, Prince Andrew and his accuser reached a settlement agreement wherein the Duke of York was asked to pay Giuffre a hefty sum. But even after an agreement was reached, Prince Andrew never got his HRH title back.

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Prince Andrew Hopes His HRH Title Will Be Reinstated?

According to royal expert Ephraim Hardcastle, Prince Andrew is perplexed as to why his HRH title hasn’t been reinstated. After all, he is convinced that he didn’t do anything wrong to have it taken away in the first place.


“[Andrew] is said to be perplexed as to why he cannot again use the HRH title especially as he maintains that he has done nothing wrong. His trump card with mother was invariable: ‘Innocent until proven guilty,’” he told Express.

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King Charles Could Allow Prince Andrew To Use His HRH Title Again Discreetly?


Hardcastle also said that it is possible for Prince Andrew and King Charles to have already reached a low-key agreement regarding the former’s HRH title. This means that the dad of two may be able to use it in a discreet manner to prevent any backlash from the public.

“It’s more likely that he will just start using it again in a low-key way to test the waters – should he get the King’s consent,” the source said.

Other than his reported desire to use his HRH title again, Prince Andrew also reportedly wants to attend royal family events like King Charles’ coronation.

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Prince Andrew’s Sexual Abuse Accuser Releasing A Tell-All Soon?

Unfortunately, even if his name has already been cleared following Giuffre’s sexual abuse allegations, this doesn’t mean that the issue is completely forgotten. After all, there are claims that Prince Andrew’s accuser could be releasing a tell-all.


A publisher told Mirror UK that there are discussions regarding Giuffre’s upcoming book, but everyone wants to make sure that it wouldn’t overshadow King Charles’ coronation on May 6.

“All eyes will be on the royal family in the weeks leading up to Charles’s coronation. Book releases are all about timing, and while there is speculation about whether Andrew will be seen at Westminster Abbey or on the Buckingham Palace balcony, what is certain he will be seen on every bookshelf around the world. For the money the publisher has spent signing Virginia, they want to maximize their return. There will be a no bigger occasion for her book than the crowning of the king,” the source said.

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