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King Charles III Will Abdicate at 74 but Prince William Won’t Take Over? Expert Claims Nostradamus’ Prediction Could Be Accurate Because of Queen Elizabeth’s Death Year

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King Charles III just ascended the throne after decades of waiting. But there are claims that he wouldn't be king for very long. After all, there are predictions that King Charles III would abdicate from the throne as soon as next year and shortly after he turns 74 years old.

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Nostradamus' Poem Predicted Queen Elizabeth's Death Year, King Charles III's Abdication

According to Marca, a Nostradamus expert previously interpreted a poem written by the late future teller. And all signs lead to King Charles III's impending abdication, as well as the possibility that Prince Harry and not Prince William would take over The Crown.

Mario Reading is convinced that Nostradamus' predictions may be accurate because, in 2005, he said that the future teller predicted that the Queen would die in 2022. At the time, no one can confirm whether the prediction was true until the Queen died on Sept. 8 this year.

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Prince William Won't Replace King Charles III After He Abdicates

Nostradamus, according to Reading, also believes that King Charles III would abdicate soon because of his age. And the person that would replace him is someone that the public wouldn't expect.

All signs lead to the possibility that the future teller could be referring to King Charles III's other son, Prince Harry. No one would expect him to take over the throne, especially since he no longer works for the royal family.

On Twitter, a copy of Reading's book featuring Nostradamus' predictions was shared on the platform. Under the year 2022, the topics listed include Succession to the UK Throne, Abdication of Charles III of England, and Poor Sir Bevis.

In 2021, one of the predictions had to do with Prince Harry's paternity, which is still a topic for discussion these days. However, there is still no proof that Prince Harry isn't King Charles III's son.

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King Charles Feels Enormously Stressed Due To His New Role, Could Abdicate Soon

Other than these predictions, The Atlantic journalist Conor Friedersdorf said that King Charles III should abdicate at 75.

Body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler also said the same thing about King Charles III. She said that he would most likely abdicate because his body language at the Queen's funeral suggested that he was not happy in his new role.

"Charles always wanted the job. Now he's got the job. He seems angry. I was a little bit surprised at the language, which was quite ostracizing. It was about him and his family and it was about 'you' people. What was missing was the word 'us.' I think 'us' would have worked much better than our family versus you. Which was a very strong message from him… and gave me an inkling of the fact that maybe he's feeling very uncomfortable in the new role," she told New Idea.

Mahler pointed out one instance wherein King Charles III showed that he was experiencing enormous stress. It was when he became upset because of a pen.

That stress has shown in two incidents where he's been angry with his staff for certain pens and ink and [their] placement on the table, and he's gone 'get that off!' The Queen never would have done that, never. Why? Because it undermines trust," she said.

And on another occasion, King Charles III gulped, and his body wriggled when he said that his life would change.

"I think that he will take on the role. It was not ever going to be an option that he couldn't take on the role. And then I think quite soon he'll say, 'Look, I'm not well enough to continue' and he'll pass it to William," she concluded.

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