Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Duke Reportedly Won’t Be Allowed To Return To His Royal Duties Since Prince Charles Would Want A More Slimmed-Down Monarchy Than What They Have Now, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew has been staying out of the limelight for the past three years. Prior to his decision to step back from his royal duties, the dad of two was a staple at royal engagements and events. But following his disastrous interview with Newsnight in 2019, he made the difficult decision to temporarily quit his tasks as a member of the royal family.

But after three long years, there are reports claiming that Prince Andrew wants to return to the royal fold. And since his efforts are not working with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William, he’s reportedly doing it with the help of his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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Prince Andrew Won’t Be Able To Return To His Royal Duties Now Or Even When Prince Charles Is King

However, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said that it’s unlikely for Prince Andrew to be allowed to return to his duties even after Prince Charles ascends the throne. Even though this decision may have to do with the troubles he caused the royal family, there’s also an entirely different reason as to why he can no longer work as a senior royal.

Sacerdoti said that the monarchy has already been slimmed-down following the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And when Prince Charles is king, the monarchy will be slimmed down even further.

“In due course when Prince Charles is the monarch I think we will see even more steps to slim down the working Royal Family. Part of the reason for that will be to avoid any controversies about individuals or to avoid putting anyone out there who they feel might not command the same level of respect that the Monarch themselves commands. And I think part of the reason will be just a modernization that is deemed responsible and sensible,” he said (via Express).

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Prince Charles Wants An Even More Slimmed-Down Monarchy That Doesn’t Include Prince Andrew

The royal expert also said that gone were the days when royal fans loved having a massive number of senior working royals doing their job together. These days, a slimmed-down monarchy appears to be more appealing to everyone.

“Many of them will continue to do good work, but quietly, I think, without as much attention. And I think that anyway, Prince Andrew will fall into that wider effort to try to focus things more on key important members of the family at the top and allow others to blend a bit more into the background,” he said.

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Prince Andrew’s Decision To Step Back From His Duties Is Final

Sacerdoti isn’t the only one who is convinced that Prince Andrew will never be able to return to his royal duties. Two years ago, The Sunday Times published an article about the Duke of York, saying that the decision to step back from his duties will be permanent.

“Prince Andrew, who stepped back from public life last year ‘for the foreseeable future,’ will not resume official duties. The prince hoped his status change would be temporary, but those hopes have disappeared. The royal family has ‘no plans to review’ his position,” the source said.

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