06 Mar 2017 1:21 PM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Go Featured These 3 Changes Before Launch

Niantic Labs has been rolling out a number of features and improvements for its game, Pokemon Go. Despite the many changes since its launch, apparently, the game itself was actually very different from what was first released.

UploadVR has listed three particular things that have changed even before the developer rolled out the AR app. Sharing at the Game Developers Conference, Niantic Labs' Dennis Wang shared that the design had a couple of changes during the process, since their goal was to make the app even more accessible to its players.

First, the map is actually quite different in the sense that there was more green in the map. The design seems to have gone a little wild with adding plants to mimic older Pokemon games, which distracted from the main interface. This is why we now have the green background (as if catching the ‘mons from wild fields) and simplistic backdrops.


Even the avatars used to look very different from what we now know as the digital representations of ourselves. Would you believe that you could've looked like a customized anime version, similar to the trainers in the games and animation? According to Wang, they moved away from the anime look, knowing that Pokemon Go will extend beyond a Japanese audience.

Finally, the third change is in the user interface from Ingress. Niantic Labs has rolled out Ingress before Pokemon Go, but it seems that the developer has learned how to make the latter easier to handle and maneuver because of the former.

This is why Pokemon Go has become much more operable with its buttons kept farther down the screen and ergonomic enough for ease of play.

Pokemon Go has recently experienced a number of updates, including the release of 80 more Gen 2 monsters.

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