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Ghost in the Shell Anthology Follows Attack on Titan Anthology Release

The next spring time couldn't come fast enough for Ghost in the Shell fans. Kodansha Comics has announced another interesting project and another anthology, this time for Ghost in the Shell.

According to Bleeding Cool, the anthology, titled Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network, will feature never-before-seen stories as well as notable collaborations.

Associate Director for Publishing Services for Penguin Ben Applegate shared that the goal was to follow in the footsteps of the recent Attack on Titan anthology. That is, the concept of how the crossovers and collaborations will be very similar.

"The concept behind that book was American comics artists take on a Japanese property. Well, we're doing it again! This time, with Ghost in the Shell."

Part of the anthology is the collaboration between Shirow Masamune and different Western comic book artists. It will also be a single-volume hardcover in full color, with Shirow-created stories that haven't been published before focused on Section 9 universe. Considering that it was Shirow himself who supervised the anthology, we can expect a lot of high quality collaborations happening for this project.

The Ghost in the Shell anthology will arrive sometime in spring 2018. Ghost in the Shell arrives in theaters this year on March 29.

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