03 Mar 2017 3:17 PM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy XV’s PC is No Longer a Dream in New Teaser Video

Before anyone freaks out, no, there is still no official word on whether Square Enix will roll out a PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

That doesn't mean that the dream is dead either. If the new teaser that the developer showed off at the Game Developers Conference is any indication, the studio's interest in a possible PC port is still as strong as ever.

Seen below, the video shows off the game's development progress. Technically, the video is a sneak preview of how the game will look like if it was available as a PC title. Granted, the video shows off a very high-end version done on the Nvidia Luminos Pro engine with GTX 1070Ti-powered device.

What it does is deliver some major changes with the world. What's pretty obvious is the improved graphics. However, there are also a few things that aren't in the console version yet. these includes a different kind of Regalia monster truck that can be driven around the game's world.


We also see footage of different renders of characters and animals, as well as a massive battle that destroys massive areas of the environment.

Again, the video is far from a confirmation that Final Fantasy XV will have its PC release. But since Square Enix has teased this possibility before, and with the recent footage pegged to be a development for the game in 2017, the PC port is looking less of a dream and more of a concrete possibility.

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