Pippa Middleton Heartbreak: Kate Middleton’s Sister Feuding With Husband James Matthews, Jealous Of Prince William, Duchess’s Marriage?

Credit: TODAY/YouTube

Credit: TODAY/YouTube

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s marriage is, perhaps, one of the strongest in the royal family. No wonder, a lot of people look up to them including the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton.

Pippa has been married to her husband, James Matthews for four years. But they have been together for much longer. The couple has also been blessed with two children.

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Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Struggling In Their Marriage

New Idea, in its Nov. 15 issue, claimed that Pippa and her husband are dealing with some marital problems that’s why the former can’t help but be jealous of Prince William and Kate’s relationship.

“They’re fighting over everything from bath times to pastimes, and it isn’t just down to sleepless nights with a new baby. James is a former racing pro, and he insisted on going to the Formula One in the States for their first post-baby getaway, which she wasn’t thrilled about given most of her posh friends are whisked off to lush places like Antigua or Bora Bora,” an unnamed source claimed.

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Pippa and her husband’s marriage are, reportedly, on the rocks because of all these things, and they don’t know how to resolve their issues. As such, Kate’s younger sister couldn’t help but compare her marriage to her siblings.

“After all, her brother James is deliriously happy as a newlywed and her sister Kate’s marriage to William, the future king, has never been better,” the unnamed source said.

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No Comparison Between Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton’s Relationships

However, one should take the publication’s claims with a grain of salt because there is no proof that Pippa and Matthews’s marriage is currently on the rocks. And it’s even more unlikely for Pippa to be comparing her relationship to her siblings’ marriages.

Three years after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot, Pippa told Today that she saw the couple’s wedding as a normal family affair. However, the entire world watched it as the royal wedding of the future king and queen consort of Britain.

“It sounds funny to say, but we saw it, as just a family wedding. And actually, I didn't realize, perhaps, the scale of it until afterward. We all took on the roles as any family would,” she said.

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Pippa’s response shows that there’s no jealousy or comparison between her and her older sister. In fact, Kate also played multiple roles at Pippa’s wedding, according to Vanity Fair.

Even though she was already married to Prince William at the time, she first acted as any other older sister would at their younger sibling’s wedding.

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Pippa Middleton Reads Mean Comments Online

The mom of two previously admitted that some of the things that she reads about her online are quite mean especially when they are not true.

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“I have felt publicly bullied a little bit just by, you know, when I read things that clearly aren't true or that, whichever way someone looks at it, it's a negative side. It is quite difficult. Because eventually I'm just paving my way and trying to live a life like any 30-year-old,” Pippa previously said.

One can’t help but wonder then what Pippa would think if she reads the recent rumors about her and Matthews’ marriage.

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