Peacemaker Season 1 End Credits Explained

The finale of Peacemaker perfectly closes Season 1 while it also sets up the upcoming run of the show following its renewal. Of course, stingers are present in the series as they did since the start and while some may be just for some comedic relief, the end credits for Episode 8, “It’s Cow or Never,” showed more than just a tease and it even led some fans shipping two unlikely characters.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker! Read at your own risk!

Peacemaker Season 1 End Credits Explained

Peacemaker Season 1 End Credits Explained
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Peacemaker Season 1 End Credits Explained

In Peacemaker Episode 8, It’s Cow or Never, the show delved into the team solving the main dilemma of the series which is the impending alien invasion of the Butterflies led by Goff. All of them finally had some closure: the Butterflies were stopped when the cow as killed, Harcourt survived her injuries with Chris by her side, Leota got home to her wife and dogs, Economos got a new job, and Peacemaker became a free man.

It was the perfect closure for the first season and it just had the right amount of information for the second season to start fresh. Still, the end credits scene shows a deeper connection between the two characters that even the fans are shipping them in such an uncanny way. It was focused on Vigilante while he talks to Peacemaker about sarcasm.

Vigilante was discussing how they would strategize to attack the Butterfly farm and he told Peacemaker to have a caveat when he is being sarcastic because it somehow implies that when he doesn’t, it sounds a bit like bullying. He even pointed out Economos as an example where he isn’t fat nor going to die but it turns out Vigilante was just worried about Economos as a person and he got an awkward thanks in return.

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This shows a side of Vigilante that has been present throughout the first season and it turns out, he treats all others the same, not just Peacemaker. He is the self-proclaimed best friend of Peacemaker in the first place but it seems like he cares for the other team members as well, looking out for them even when they don’t feel much from him.

The whole Season 1 of Peacemaker is now streaming on HBO Max.

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