Peacemaker Episode 4 End Credits Explained

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If there is something about Peacemaker that makes him a funny character, it is his lack of sense of humor. It’s quite ironic, right? The end credits of Episode 4 his titular series, The Chaos Less Travelled, shows how his line of thinking would make you go crazily laughing. His mind functions too straightforward and who knows, it might be something that sets him apart from others, right?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker! Read at your own risk!

Peacemaker Episode 4 End Credits Explained

Peacemaker Episode 4 End Credits Explained
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Credit: HBO Max
Peacemaker Episode 4 End Credits Explained

In the end credits of Peacemaker Episode 4, The Chaod Less Travelled, Peacemaker and Vigilante are having a conversation and Vigilante blurted some kind of a metaphorical statement that if something walks like a duck, it is probably a real duck or a duck wearing a costume of a human. While most people would get his point that it might be a legit one or an impostor, Peacemaker didn’t.


He exploded with how a duck in a human costume would happen. He continues to compare the sizes being incompatible, struggles on the webbed feet fitting into pants, and how to put on a mask with a duck’s beak plus how to talk with that. He even dissed Vigilante for having the stupidest ideas and that the duck in a human costume has offended him because he says he has a soul.

If you didn’t find that hilarious, are you even human? That was really funny for him to put it that way and to end it that he has a soul, not a duck, you’d definitely burst in laughter and he even called Vigilante out for stupid ideas. Peacemaker’s confidence is really something, right?

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While the scene was extremely funny, it also shows the side of Peacemaker that he couldn’t comprehend some things that others can. His line of thinking is different, he takes everything too literally. With such a painful childhood, he understands peace in a way that others don’t. He has his own ways and it is what sets him apart from others.

Peacemaker Episode 4 is now streaming on HBO Max.