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Peacemaker Star Jennifer Holland Hypes Up Episode 6 as the One that Fans Should Look Out For

So far, there are four episodes of Peacemaker that have aired on HBO Max and fans have been loving the series as it gave us a deep exploration of the titular character and a fun and zany action-adventure mixed up with James Gunn's sensibilities. There's a lot of excitement now for the series as it keeps on getting better and better. As it turns out, there is one upcoming episode that we should definitely look out for according to one of the stars of the series.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Jennifer Holland, who plays Emilia Harcourt in the series, was asked about which episode should fans look out for. While you might expect that she will respond with the season finale since Gunn previously hinted that big surprises are coming there, she actually had a different answer.

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"My favorite episode is episode six," she said. "The finale is a really incredible episode, I love the finale, but episode six, there's so many important things that happen for so many of the character arcs. Everyone really gets a good character arc. There's one character arc that doesn't really come full circle until episode eight, but a lot of character arcs come to some crescendo to some degree or hit a climax in that episode and it's just such a wonderful nuanced episode. It was the last episode that we shot and James directed it."

She continued, "I think everyone was just in their element. Everyone had really gotten as comfortable as possible with the characters by that point. James had gotten as comfortable as possible with himself and knowing what he was doing with the show, and everything just kind of flowed and it is, I think, the most beautifully nuanced episode in the series, myself."

Since only four episodes have aired so far, it's hard to figure out for now what the sixth episode will look like and why Holland is hyping it as the one that fans should look out for. There are still two weeks away before we get to see the episode. However, it is exciting to know that the sixth episode will be great and we can now start our excitement and lookout for it. Let's just wait and see why they are hyping up the sixth episode.

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New episodes of Peacemaker premiere every Thursday on HBO Max.

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