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Peacemaker Drops An Exciting Closer Look at Judomaster

As the new year inches closer, the upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker is also a few days away from its release and the writer and director of the show, James Gunn, dropped an exciting look at Judo master, portrayed by Nhut Le. He would be a formidable opponent of John Cena’s titular character but it is yet to be revealed whether he would be a villain or a hero.

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In a post from James Gunn on Instagram, he shared a closer look at Judomaster who is ready to fight. In the caption, he introduced the actor playing the said character, “Meet @itsnhutle as #JUdomaster in 17 days on #Peacemaker on @hbomax.”

James Gunn took the helm in writing and directing the series after the successful release of The Suicide Squad. The first three episodes will all be released on the same day and the titles have already been released with “A Whole New Whirled” as the premiere, “Best Friends Never” as the second, and “Better Goff Dead” as the third. The whole series will have 8 episodes all in all and it will out on HBO Max.

Christopher Smith bears the moniker of the Peacemaker as he is a violent vigilante wanting to achieve peace no matter what the cost is. He is a DC antihero who has yet to make his name a staple one in the DCEU and with John Cena taking the role, it is expected that he would carry the character to a success as Peacemaker is set to be the first-ever spin-off and television series for DCEU.

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John Cena will be sporting a tight red and blue top having a logo attached in the middle coupled with tan pants, holster, and his black boots as Peacemaker and he would be joined by Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Chris Conrad in the cast.

Peacemaker arrives on HBO Max on January 13, 2022.

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