Peacemaker: John Cena Claims His Character is More Famous than Aquaman

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Credit: WB

The DC Extended Universe has seemingly been struggling to get its groove going since its inception but for the most part, the franchise has had the reputation of being overly dark unlike its "rival" the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the last couple of years, it's evident that the DCEU has tried to match the MCU's vibe, something that has either been a hit or a miss but James Gunn's The Suicide Squad pretty much proved that the franchise can have the right mix of gritty and funny.

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Credit: WB

Speaking of, Gunn's next project Peacemaker is set to hit HBO Max in early 2022, and promotions for the John Cena-led series have already kickstarted ahead of its debut. In a new clip released during the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition (via ComicBook), the multi-time WWE superstar is giving a little sample of the profanity fans can expect from Christopher Smith.

The clip sees Peacemaker and hospital janitor Jamil having a little heated exchange after Jamil insists that Aquaman is the more celebrated hero. Smith would then drop a massive F-bomb on Arthur Curry, claiming that he's more famous than the Atlantean King. He says: "F*** Aquaman!"

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Judging by the stuff we saw in The Suicide Squad, it's pretty safe to say that Peacemaker will be a major player in the DCEU and there's a reason why Gunn chose to work on the spinoff series for the character before anything else. Let's just hope the show attracts viewers because it totally deserves it.

Peacemaker is set to hit HBO Max in January 2022.