Extraordinary Attorney Woo Sees Slight Dip in Ratings But Maintains No. 1 Position

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues to fly high despite a decrease in altitude.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been making buzzes as the drama highlights Woo Young Woo’s capabilities despite being autistic. The K-drama explores her life as a lawyer of a large law firm with a 164 IQ score.

After having less than 1 percent viewership ratings on episode 1, the drama now has a 2-digit score — although it decreased a little in its most recent episode.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Remains on Top

Nielsen Korea (via Hankook Ilbo) revealed that Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 11 made the series maintain its top spot despite losing a small percentage compared to the previous episode.

It was revealed that the 11th episode scored 14.17 percent — a little lower compared to its episode 10’s 15.2 percent record.

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Despite that, the ENA drama remains on top, outshining other K-drama series.

Adamas episode 3 recorded a 3.33 percent average rating, seeing a slight increase from the previous 2.8 percent. Meanwhile, Jinxed at First had a 2.4 percent rating.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Director Says Popularity of the Series Is Unexpected

Before setting a new high record, the series’ director said they never expected it to boom as it came from a not-a-very-known company.

“If compared to food, the drama is like mild-tasting pyongyang naengmyeon, so I thought it would be great if people who are fond of such topics would watch this drama. But I never imagined people to give such fervent support from the beginning,” director Yoo In Sik said, per Newsen.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo also broke ENAs record by becoming the most-watched Wednesday-Thursday drama on July 7. It also caused the series to set a new record in ENA history as no drama or flick ever achieved such viewership ratings ever.

Nielsen Korea (via JTBC) confirmed the feat, saying that the Park Eun Bin-led drama officially became a gamechanger.

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