Parasite Director Bong Joon Ho to Work With Robert Pattinson in New Film

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Parasite director Bong Joon Ho will helm big screens again -- this time, with the help of Robert Pattinson.

The Korean film industry immediately soared higher internationally soon after director Bong Joon Ho released his genre-mixing Parasite. The movie's black humor led to the team garnering recognitions from the Academy Award, Palme d'Or, and SAG Awards, among others.

The filmmaker will break more walls soon, as the star of Matt Reeves The Batman, Robert Pattinson, will reportedly work with him in his new project.

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Director Bong Joon Ho To Film Next Feature With Robert Pattinson

Multiple news outlets confirmed this week that Director Bong Joon Ho and Robert Pattinson will come together for the filmmaker's feature film at Warner Bros. The project will reportedly be an adaptation of Edward Ashton's upcoming novel, Mickey7.

St. Martin Press, the book's publisher, called the book The Martian meets Dark Matter. The novel explores the story of an expendable who is sent to colonize Niflheim.

Before the arrival of the novel, Jason Pargin already offered his honest review about the book, calling it something with a unique blend of "thought-provoking sci-fi concepts, farcical relationship drama and exotic body humor."

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"Edward Ashton keeps it all grounded via a protagonist who experiences the wonders of interstellar travel and alien contact while literally having the worst job in the universe," he wrote. "The result is alternately amusing, intriguing and horrifying, with each chapter seeming to engage a different part of your brain."

Details about the movie adaptation remain unknown. Warner Bros. is also yet to confirm director Bong Joon Ho's current progress in making the flick.

Director Bong Joon Ho Already Worked With Company Before

Before doing his new feature film, the South Korean filmmaker successfully collaborated with WarnerMedia already for an HBO limited series based on his Parasite.

Adam McKay currently works on the project, but it has since been clarified that the director's Parasite HBO series is an original story and not a remake of the original film.

"Occasionally in life, you get very lucky, and for me to get to work anywhere near director Bong's orbit — usually, when I hear people say 'I'm honored,' it sounds like bullshit to me, but I'm legitimately honored. And having a blast," McKay said, per Collider.

It remains unknown when the HBO series will arrive, but director Bong Joon Ho already completed the script a long time ago.

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