Kang Ha Neul Confesses Why He Admires The Pirates 2 Co-Star Han Hyo Joo

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Credit: GQ KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Ha Neul landed a promising role in the upcoming The Pirates sequel, The Pirates: Goblin.

Unlike his previous roles, Kang Ha Neul had to embrace a shaggy visual in The Pirates as he plays the role of the head of the bandits, Moo-chi. The troublemaker character also flaunts shabby, dirty clothes, which changes his image temporarily.

But he is no longer new to making historical flicks as he previously collected critical acclaims with Dongju: The Portrait of A PoetMisaeng: Incomplete Life, and When the Camellia Blooms.

The only difference this time is that he worked with A-list actors and comedians to complete the film, including the lead actress of the recently-ended series Happiness, actress Han Hyo Joo.

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What Kang Ha Neul Thinks of Han Hyo Joo?

Before the release of The Pirates: Goblin Flag, Kang Ha Neul appeared in an interview with News1 (via Naver), where he talked about working with Han Hyo Joo.

The actor praised her for giving justice to Hae Rang’s role. With that, he reportedly did not face any difficulties while filming on set. The filming brought a lot of fun to them, and Kang Ha Neul credited it to their capacity to know how to act if a character acted in a different way.

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Although Kang Ha Neul and Han Hyo Joo previously worked on C’est si bon, he reportedly needed to observe the actress from afar to match with her in the film’s conversations and discussions.

On the thing that made him admire Han Hyo Joo, Kang Ha Neul said that the actress’ tireless practice before acting on set caused him to have more respect for her.

“Han Hyo Joo practically lived at stunt school. I thought that was so cool. Whenever I saw her, she was working on syncing up her movements and getting her hand used to holding a sword. When I saw her working so hard, I thought that not only was Hae Rang cool, but Han Hyo Joo was really cool,” he went on.

Kang Ha Neul Has One Goal As Actor

For years since his acting debut, Kang Ha Neul has been known for his kind and thoughtful nature. In the same interview, he was asked whether he ever felt tired of living by that reputation.

But instead of feeling exhausted, the actor reportedly does not really work hard to appear like that since he is not that kind. He follows his goal to prevent people from frowning because of him. With that, he always wants to work with fun people on set.

Kang Ha Neul still admitted feeling stressed sometimes, but he reportedly relieves it by organizing his thoughts soon after waking up and before going back to bed.

Fans can see more of Kang Ha Neul’s side on The Pirates: Goblin Flag, which will be released on January 26.


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