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VICTON Shares One Goal Following New Album Release

Credit: VICTON/YouTube Screenshot

VICTON finally got out of their comfort zone and offered something new to their fans.

IST Entertainment (formerly Play M and Plan A Entertainments) formed the seven-membered boy band in 2016, introducing its members to fans. So far, VICTON has already released a number of songs while collaborating with other musicians for a certain project.

They released their most recent album on Jan. 11, 2021 – months before Seungwoo enlisted for his mandatory military service. After staying out of the spotlight, the boy group prepared something for fans.

This time, VICTON seemingly started to live by the real meaning of their name, Voice to New World, as they embraced a new change in their career.

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VICTON Thanks Fans For Accompanying Them Toward Their Goal

On Jan. 18, VICTON released their third single album, Chronograph, which has their first English song. In a new interview, the boy group shared their thoughts about the album and the goal they want to achieve soon.

Chan said that he wants more people to learn his name and VICTON. He added that he wants to promote with his co-members healthily. Hanse shared the same sentiment and said that he hopes this year would be the perfect timing to meet their fans and give them more albums.

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As they try to reach their hopes and wishes, the group – through Sejun and Byungchan – delivered heartfelt messages to fans as they thanked them for waiting in the past months.

"Thank you for always supporting us and waiting for us. For these promotions and in the future, let's stay together and I will repay you [for your support]," Byungchan said.

VICTON Shares Details About New Album

The boy group will surely achieve their goals soon as they well-planned their recent album. Per Seungsik, he has been looking forward to Chronograph as it serves as their first comeback this year.

Subin, on the other hand, explained that their new song aims to deliver a message related to time while highlighting VICTON's charms.

"Thank you for always supporting us and waiting for us. For these promotions and in the future, let's stay together and I will repay you [for your support]," he went on.

As for their music video, Subin said they did everything to make it enjoyable to watch, adding that the filming team worked hard to record their moves and expressions.

Fans who have not watched VICTON's new music video can see the whole clip here.

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