Pacific Rim: The Black Final Trailer Reveals Anime's Real Villain

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We already know that the Kaiju are the bad guys in every Pacific Rim film. However, the trailer for the upcoming anime series Pacific Rim: The Black reveals that the villain is something a lot worse.

The previous trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black put the spotlight on the young siblings who are just trying to find their parents. However, the final trailer actually reveals what happened to Mom and Dad.


The final trailer opens with an action-packed sequence featuring two Jaeger pilots ending up on the other side of The Black. They are then told that they will need to survive on their own as communication with the rest of humanity is lost.

Interestingly, it is revealed that the Jaeger pilots are actually the parents of the siblings featured in the first trailer. Although they promise to return, Taylor and Hayley would spend the next five years wondering what happened to their parents.

But some things are just meant to happen. They discover that a Jaeger still exists and they soon become the new pilots who find the opportunity to look for their parents. Unfortunately, things are not as easy as it seems. Although they find a mysterious new ally, the siblings also encounter a man who is determined to exploit The Black.


The synopsis for Pacific Rim: The Black reads as follows:

"In a world where Australia has been overrun by Kaiju, danger in the form of scary monsters lurk in every corner. But as teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley soon discover, the worst monsters come in the most unexpected forms."

Pacific Rim: The Black was created by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle. The series will premiere on Netflix on March 4.

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