20 Jan 2020 12:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Japan is Working on an Actual Moving Giant Robot to Celebrate 40 Years of Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam debuted back in 1979, and 40 years later the franchise is still strong, and the Gundam franchise is celebrated all around the world. What's interesting is, Sunrise is now working on an actual giant robot to celebrate the 40-year Anniversary.

According to the Japan Times, Gundam Factory Yokohama is set to open this coming October with one of the main attractions being an 18-meter-tall mobile suit that will actually be able to move. We don't have any specifics on how it will move exactly, but it will be connected to a 25-meter Gundam Dock.

The park is said to open at the Yamashita Pier and is said to encompass a space of 9000 square meters. Tickets will be up for sale this coming July with the park set to open on Oct. 1.

Here's a rendering of what the Gundam would look like as well:


Very few franchises have managed to survive as long as Gundam, and I think it's great that Sunrise has been able to reinvent the franchise time and again with the quality set at an all-time high. What's also great is the diversity in stories, so whether you like an old-school military anime or a fun shonen battle show, then Gundam will be able to deliver—not to mention the model kits are great.

There has actually been buzz about a Gundam movie being written by Brian K. Vaughn, but as of now, we haven't been getting any significant updates. Maybe they just want some time to breathe after the release of Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Gundam Factory Yokohama opens this coming Oct. 1.

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