Outlander Season 7 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: EP Maril Davis On Tom Christie's Surprising Attitude Toward Claire

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Credit: STARZ/YouTube

[This article contains spoilers for the Outlander Season 6 finale.]

Fresh off of that major cliffhanger in the recent season finale, fans are understandably craving for more. Fortunately, Outlander Season 7 is already in the works, but it can't come soon enough. In the meantime, executive producer Maril Davis will do her best to answer fans' burning queries.

Davis spoke with Variety in an interview released on May 1, immediately following the Outlander Season 6 finale. The EP discussed Tom Christie's (Mark Lewis Jones) unexpected actions and what they portend for Outlander Season 7.

Outlander Season 7 will explain why Tom Christie helped Claire

While we won't know exactly what's on Tom's mind until Outlander Season 7, Davis did offer some ideas. Except for novelist Diana Gabaldon, she is the only one who would know.

“I think deep down, he probably knows Claire (Caitriona Balfe) didn’t do it,” Davis said. “But regardless if she did it or not, he’s not okay with this vigilante justice.”

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“She’s never going to see a fair trial. So for him, he does want this to be done the right way,” the EP added. “And he knows he’s also the only one that can make sure that happens because… the justice is his.”

What happened in the Outlander Season 6 finale?

Tom, of all people, helped Claire when the mob came for her. Even though the mob accused Claire of murdering Tom's daughter, Malva (Jessica Reynolds), he made sure she was sent to court. Outlander Season 7 will expand on this storyline, according to Davis.

Meanwhile, Jamie was ready to be sent back to Scotland when he escaped saving Claire. Is he going to make it in time? Only Outlander Season 7 is certain to air.

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Outlander Season 7 release date

Outlander has yet to catch up to Diana Gabaldon's books. The reduced sixth season throws them even further behind, as A Breath of Snow and Ashes must be completed in the following season. They will, however, arrive. How soon?

Outlander Season 7 doesn't have an official release date yet. Just the fact that it’s already in production is comforting, though.

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