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Our Beloved Summer To Take Viewers In Rollercoaster World Of Noh Jung Ui, Kim Sung Cheol

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Our Beloved Summer will be the latest K-drama to feed fans with a fresh, coming-of-age story.

SBS confirmed the arrival of new romance series starring Parasite star Choi Woo Shik and Itaewon Class's Kim Da Mi. The Korean stars previously worked in The Witch.

Multiple news outlets revealed that the drama would portray the characters' dreams, love, growth, and their 10-year relationships with each other. But aside from the usual genre, Noh Jung Ui and Kim Sung Cheol's characters will share similar heartbreaking stories despite being different people.

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Noh Jung Ui Reveal What Our Beloved Summer Viewers Should Expect

Our Beloved Summer will tell the complicated love story of a couple who broke up in high school before meeting again a decade later. The supporting characters, which Noh Jung Ui and Kim Sung Cheol scored, will also unleash a different plot for the viewers.

No Jung Ui plays the role of NJ, who has been the school's top and most popular student due to her visuals and talent. When she feels she is losing her success already, she prepares to live her real life in the real world.

Amid her struggles, Choi Woo Shik's character, Choi Woong, comes into her life with his documentary that comforts her. Since meeting him, she ensures she is available whenever he calls. Meanwhile, the first still picture of Our Beloved Summer shows her character looking easy and relaxed but seemingly appears empty inside.

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Meanwhile, she said in an interview (via Soompi) that she chose to do the role since she wanted to work with the actors she likes. Though she opts not to get more projects since becoming an adult, the character caught her attention and led her to accept the role.

"She's an incredibly daring character. Despite her young age, the pain she's experienced from being in the workforce for such a long time coexists with her maturity. At the same time, she has a lovely and cute charm. I acted while paying a lot of attention to making her aloof, but still often having the boldness of a top idol," she went on.

Kim Sung Cheol Hints Our Beloved Summer's Script Is Fresh And Lovely

NJ's opposite, Kim Ji Woong, is the series' documentary director and Choi Woong's best friend.

The first teaser of Kim Sung Cheol's character also shows the sadness he has been enduring since a young age. The first part of the series, which has since been shown to the public, features the character leaving the viewers curious with his confused look.

Ten years later, he becomes an experienced documentary director who starts working on Choi Woong and Gook Yeon Seo's second documentary.

According to Kim Sung Cheol, he was immediately captivated by the series' "fresh, cute, and lovely" script. He also looked forward to working with the cast and staff.

"Ji Woong doesn't reveal his inner self much. I'm acting in a way that will make viewers go, 'I can't tell what that person is thinking.' I also requested interviews with real-life human, environment, and human affair documentary directors and learned a lot," he went on.

Our Beloved Summer will tell more stories of them starting December 6.

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