Street Woman Fighter Contestant Yell Joins South Korea's National Breakdancing Team

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Street Woman Fighter probably saw what they lost after YGX's member Yell won in a recent competition to be part of South Korea's national breakdancing team.

On the dance competition show's Episode 8, the viewers were left disappointed by how YGX got unfairly eliminated. Most people even rooted for Yell as she is the crew's youngest member. Despite her age, she proved she could compete with her seniors while showing a good attitude during the crew's appearance.

Yell is famously known as one of the best b-girls in South Korea. She even won a Youth Olympic medal in breakdancing.


After her group's elimination, she showed how good she was that she even conquered other stages.

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YGX's Yell Now Part Of South Korea's Break Dancing Team

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On Saturday, Yell announced the good news on her Instagram account, saying she won first place and was able to become a member of the national team.

Although she was nervous while participating in the Breaking K Final 2021, Yell overcame it because of her fans' supports.

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"There were many things I had to endure, and there are so many things I want to say, but now I've really become a national representative. I will repay everyone who has been supporting me and giving me love with an even better me! Thank you," she went on.

After winning first place, Yell brought home a trophy and a cash prize worth around $2,090. She also garnered positive messages from YGX's Lee Jung and Yeojin, as well as from other Street Woman Fighter families, including LACHICA's Rian and Holy Bang's Honey J.

Yell Wants To Collaborate With Kang Daniel Soon!

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Credit: Mnet

Amid her success, Yell expressed her desire to work with Street Woman Fighter MC Kang Daniel soon.

After the end of the dance competition, she invited Kang Daniel to collaborate with her soon before thanking him for his thoughtfulness. The K-pop idol famously applauded the contestant’s breaking techniques like tap mill, coffin, and windmill.

"If a day comes when I can meet you as a dancer, not as an MC, and dance together.. I will look forward to it," she said, to which Kang Daniel replied with her stage name and stars.

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