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Song Ji Hyo Sports Shocking New Hair Cut On Running Man’s New Episode

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Song Ji Hyo shocked fans with her recent transformation before the Running Man Episode 581 release.

Last week, SBS shared a sneak peek of Running Man’s 581st episode, which was already released on Sunday. Titled, Nostradamus reviving in the worldview of Running Man, the episode’s short clip showed the members coming up with their 1990s get up.

However, Song Ji Hyo showed up with extremely short hair that unleashed her boyish vibe.

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Song Ji Hyo Flaunts Short Hair On Running Man

On Sunday, Yoo Jae Seok led the usual introductory segment of all Running Man cast members. The MC then mentioned that the actress’ short haircut is a hot issue right now.

Jeon So Min teased Song Ji Hyo, saying that the actress opted to have that kind of hair to look like Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince. For what it’s worth, Yoon Eun Hye previously played the character who cuts her hair short and pretends to be a male to work at a coffee shop.

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Song Ji Hyo’s loveline, Kim Jong Kook, said that the hairstyle was inspired by Demi Moore. But Jeon So Min insisted that Song Ji Hyo only became Yoon Eun Hye 2.0.

“Now that Ji Hyo’s cut her hair, she’s become the most handsome of us all. For Ji Hyo, it doesn’t matter whether she wears her hair long or short. Now, there are some members among us whose hairstyle plays a big role in whether they’re good-looking or not. I won’t say who it is,” Yoo Jae Seok quipped.

Song Ji Hyo Keeps On Transforming This Year

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Before cutting her hair short, Song Ji Hyo sported her long hair for the last time for the drama The Witch’s Diner. The team shared the special poster and main trailer of the drama in June, showing the actress playing the role of Hee Ra – the witch owner of a restaurant.

She worked with Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, who played the roles of Jin and Gil Yong, respectively.

In one of her interviews, Song Ji Hyo talked about getting strongly attracted to the storyline that she read the whole thing immediately.

“Like a witch, Hee Ra has a fascinating and intimidating external appearance. Her nails are long and her hair is unique and you can never tell what she’s thinking inside. But something about her also pulls people toward her even on a first impression,” she described her character.

The Witch’s Diner ended its stint on August 13 after airing eight episodes.

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