Osomatsu-san Gets a New TV Special

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It looks like we'll be seeing more of the Matsuno brothers. While there's already a game in development over at Idea Factory, now a new collaboration is brewing between Osomatsu-san and Japan Racing Association.

Anime News Network revealed that there will be a new anime special for the franchise. In addition, it already has a working title as well, Osomatsu-san Ouma de Kobanashi, which translates as Mr. Osomatsu: A Horse Anecdote.

The special TV anime will enjoy a 30-minute run on Dec. 13, 1:00 a.m. Those who won't be able to catch it an also check the campaign's website 11: a.m. of that same day or dTV on Dec. 16, 12:00 p.m. JST.


Apart from the 30-minute special, there will also be six anime shorts, which focus on the sextuplets and a horse. While we don't really know a lot about the story yet, there's already an anime still released, seen above.

If that's not enough, fans can also look forward to a possible new season for the anime series. The director for the first season, Kanchi Suzuki, has already expressed interest as early as September of this year when it comes to working on the supposedly "hypothetical" second season of the show.

Osomatsu-san is one of the few gem anime series worth watching in recent seasons--save of course, Gintama's two-episode Gintama: Aizori-hen and the upcoming new anime. It's no wonder, since some of the cast behind Osomatsu-san were part of Gintama's own production crew.

Hopefully, there will be more of the episodes, even if they are too short for their own good.

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Gintama is coming back next year.