Oshi no Ko Reveals Exclusive Blu-ray Poster of Ai Hoshino and Her Kids

Oshi no Ko Blu-ray Ai Hoshino

Oshi no Ko Blu-ray Ai Hoshino

The anime might not have ended yet, but Oshi no Ko is already hyping up its home video release--and for good reason. It was revealed recently that the Oshi no Ko Blu-ray will come with an exclusive poster of Ai Hoshino and her family for those who pre-order.

On top of this, the Blu-ray will also come with beautiful new artwork of Ai inside the packaging, which should make it a worthy buy for collectors.

Each Oshi no Ko Blu-ray Will Feature an Exclusive Ai Hoshino Art

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To promote the Blu-ray, the official Oshi no Ko website revealed the details of the first volume BD and DVD release.

While most anime Blu-ray releases in Japan typically have at least one episode per volume, only Oshi no Ko’s first episode will be included in Volume 1.

Though this makes sense given that Episode 1 is essentially a movie in length.

What makes it special is the new illustration of Ai Hoshino wearing a stylish and frilly pink top and light-colored pants. Check out the new visual here:

Aside from being a nice display piece, the Blu-ray will also come with a behind-the-scenes video, a special booklet, a leaflet, and a storyboard collection.

Finally, the Blu-ray will come with a priority pass for ticket sales for the upcoming Oshi no Ko stage event that’s happening on November 26, 2023, at the Makuhari International Center Symposium Hall.

This stage event will feature appearances from main cast members, including Rie Takahashi (Ai), Yurie Igoma (Ruby), Takeo Ōtsuka (Aqua), Megumi Han (Kana), and more.

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Pre-orders for the Oshi no Ko Volume 1 BD Will Come With Hoshino Family Poster

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If the goodies inside the Blu-ray aren’t enough, pre-orders of the new Blu-ray and/or DVD volume will also come with a free poster--that is, while supplies last.

The new poster is a beautiful depiction of Ai with her kids, Ruby and Aqua.

Though it’s also a depressing one, as it’s something that fans will never see in the anime. Check it out here:

This free poster will be given to fans who pre-order the first volume BD/DVD in selected stores, including Animate, Gamers, Amazon, and others.

Oshi no Ko Blu-ray Volume 1 will be released on June 28, 2023. Currently, there’s no word yet on an English version release of the Blu-ray.

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Source: Oshi no Ko website

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