Is Oshi no Ko Based on a True Story?

Is Oshi No Ko Based on a True Story?

Is Oshi No Ko Based on a True Story?

A lot of fans noticed some similarities between Oshi no Ko and some incidents that happened to well-known personalities in Japan. Does this mean that Oshi no Ko is based on a true story? If so, what specific events may have inspired the series?

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Does Oshi no Ko Mirror the Lives of Japanese Idols?

Does Oshi no Ko Mirror the Lives of Japanese Idols? Ai Hoshino
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Currently, Aka Akasaka, the writer of Oshi no Ko, has not confirmed that the series is based on a true story.

After all, there is no evidence that reincarnation exists and no one has ever claimed to remember their past lives.

But we cannot deny that some aspects of the mystery anime are similar to real events.

Does Oshi no Ko Mirror the Lives of Japanese Idols? Aqua
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This is no longer a surprise, as the hit anime showcases the lives of idols and other people from the entertainment industry.

Aka Akasaka might have used the idol industry as a reference or inspiration to make the story more interesting.

Undoubtedly, the intense plotline of Oshi no Ko helps the series reach its peak in popularity.

Possible Inspirations Behind Oshi no Ko

Inspirations Behind Oshi No Ko
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Oshi no Ko made a mark not only for its shocking premiere but also because of its portrayal of the idol industry.

Here are some incidents that may have inspired some of the series' events:

Ai Hoshino's Tragic Death

Ai Hoshino's Tragic Death
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One of the popular scenes from Oshi no Ko that's based on a true story is Ai Hoshino’s death.

Specifically, in May 2016, 20-year-old Japanese singer and actress Mayu Tomita was stabbed to death by her own fan.

He sent her gifts, harassed her, and even stalked her to the point that he found out where she lived.

This was exactly what happened to Ai. She was killed inside her own place by her obsessed fan.

Another connection between the two is that Tomita was known for her role in Secret Girls as Ai Takano. What a coincidence, right?

Akane Kurokawa's Storyline

Akane Kurokawa's Storyline True Story
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Another inspiration was Hana Kimura’s tragic case. Hana Kimura was a professional wrestler who joined a reality show called Terrace House.

Like Akane, she was a victim of online harassment and cyberbullying.

On May 23, 2020, she passed away after receiving too many hate comments on social media because of how she was portrayed in the show.

In Oshi no Ko, Akane received the same treatment after accidentally hitting one of her co-stars.

The negative messages caused her to attempt to jump off a bridge. Lucky for her, Aqua was there to save her.

So, Is Oshi no Ko Based on Real Life?

Is Oshi no Ko Based on Real Life? Aqua
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In an exclusive interview with Anime News Network, Akasaka explained that he did extensive research to fully showcase the entertainment industry, including what happened to underground idols, top talents, and even the people working behind the scenes.

This includes listening to real stories and events that helped improve the story.

This might explain why there are some similarities between Oshi no Ko and real life.

Do you think Oshi no Ko is based on a true story? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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