Oshi no Ko Celebrates Finale With Star Eyes TikTok Filter

Oshi no Ko TikTok Ai Hoshino

Oshi no Ko TikTok Ai Hoshino

The 11th and final episode is out now, and to celebrate, Oshi no Ko released a new filter on TikTok that gives users the signature star eyes of the Hoshino family.

This new filter was recently revealed via the anime’s official social media pages, including TikTok and Twitter.

It was shown off in a video featuring Ruby Hoshino VA Yurie Igoma, and it’s definitely an impressive effect.

A filter like this will be perfect for cosplayers and fans, especially those who want to upload TikTok videos recreating the B-Komachi dance numbers in the finale.

Ruby and B-Komachi Make Their Starry Debut in Oshi no Ko Finale

oshi no ko ruby
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It’s fair to say that the Spring 2023 anime season was dominated by Oshi no Ko as the show trended online after every episode.

So, it’s no surprise that the show became a huge topic online following Episode 11’s release.

The Season 1 finale is mostly centered around Kana Arima as she finally accepts her identity as an idol.

While Kana is no doubt the key character of the episode, Ruby Hoshino also made a splash in the finale.

While Ruby has shown flashes of idol brilliance in previous episodes, she truly shined during her group’s debut performance.

The anime showed this well with a creative animated sequence featuring Ai and Ruby.

Now that B-Komachi has successfully debuted, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen next.

But more than that, the finale also built up the exciting arc that will be covered in Oshi no Ko Season 2.

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Oshi no Ko Celebrates Finale With Impressive Star Eyes TikTok Filter

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While we’ll need to wait a while before more Season 2 info is revealed, there’s no doubt that we’ll see more of Oshi no Ko on social media, especially with the release of this new filter.

Specifically, this filter has three modes. The first gives users stars on both eyes like Ai Hoshino, including Ai’s signature bunny hair clip.

The other two are based on Ruby and Aqua's star on one eye. This is demonstrated in the video below featuring Yurie Igoma:

Igoma showing off the filter is fitting given how she’s essentially been the show’s biggest promoter.

After all, not only does she lead the behind-the-scenes interview videos, but she also appeared in the real-life Pieyon dance video.

Oshi no Ko Season 2 is confirmed, though there’s no word yet on when it will be released.

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