Where to Start One Punch Man's Manga After the Anime

Where to Start the One Punch Man Manga After the Anime
Credit: Madhouse

Where to Start the One Punch Man Manga After the Anime
Credit: Madhouse

One Punch Man Season 2 concluded a long time ago and Season 3 has now been announced. If you want to see what happens next in Saitama's story, you should ask about where to start the One Punch Manga after the anime.

It should be noted that the series has an original webcomic in addition to the manga adaptation. Both are overseen by ONE, the creator of One Punch Man.

While the manga has more detailed artwork, the webcomic contains the original story. Regardless, both are accepted as canons. The manga, however, is considered more canon.

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About the One Punch Man Manga

About where to start One Punch Man manga after anime
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Credit: Madhouse

Notably, the One Punch Man manga is a remake of the renowned artist ONE's original and free webcomic, which was released and self-published in 2009.

The series has been digitally released as a manga on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website since 2012, with illustrations by Yusuke Murata, whose famous work includes the sports series, Eyeshield 21.

One works as a storyboard writer and editor together with Yusuke Murata in the One Punch Man manga.

As of February 2023, the series has released 27 tankobon volumes. There’s no stopping the manga, for it is considered one of the best-selling, having over 30 million copies in circulation worldwide.

In terms of English print, Viz Media licensed the manga for release in the Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. As of this writing, One Punch Man has released over 175 chapters.

The One Punch Man manga has no consistent release schedule, whereas others have weekly and monthly releases. After all, ONE allowed Yusuke Murata to work at his convenience.

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Where to Start the One Punch Man Manga After the Anime?

Start the One Punch Man Manga After the Anime Saitama
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Credit: Madhouse

You can start reading the One Punch Man Manga after the anime in Chapter 85. However, if you want to find more details and events in the manga that have been skipped in One Punch Man Season 2, you can opt to start with Chapter 38, Volume 8.

After all, One Punch Man Season 2 received a lot of flak for its frantic pace, skipped and omitted events, and poor anime production. In addition, certain supplementary chapters were omitted from the anime.

There are numerous distinctions between the One Punch Man manga and the webcomic. Both of these materials, however, are still regarded as canon. Reading the original webcomic is also suggested if you want to have the ultimate experience of One Punch Man.

From Chapter 47 through Chapter 80, the One Punch Man manga departs from the webcomic. These chapters depict incidents that did not occur in the original webcomic.

Character designs, combat durations, and some in-depth details here and there are the main changes between the manga and the webcomic. Because manga and webcomic have several differences, it is suggested that you read both.

The original webcomic is still running after a 2-year pause for even further information. The webcomic, like the manga, does not have a set publishing schedule because it is more of a pastime than a full-time profession for ONE.

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