One Piece Live-Action: Luffy Goes Behind-the-Scenes at Shonen Jump

One Piece Live-Action Shonen Jump Luffy

One Piece Live-Action Shonen Jump Luffy

We can’t say yet for certain if the live-action show will live up to the expectations, but what’s clear is the show’s star, Iñaki Godoy, is incredibly passionate about the series. This is shown even more in a recent One Piece live-action promo video where Luffy himself visits the Shonen Jump office.

This new video is the latest behind-the-scenes featurette for the highly anticipated series, but instead of focusing on how the show was made, it instead shows where new chapters of One Piece go through before they get released.

Netflix Continues to Hype Up the One Piece Live-Action Series

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Netflix started to hype up the live-action One Piece series earlier this year with the release of its teaser visual. While that drew a lot of attention, the visual only showed the Straw Hat Crew from the back.

Last June at the TUDUM fan event, Netflix finally shared the first official teaser for the show.

Soon after, an official trailer was revealed, this time at One Piece Day 2023 a few weeks ago.

While live-action anime adaptations are usually maligned by fans, the One Piece trailers have been well-received by fans.

Aside from the two trailers, Netflix has also shared a bunch of other promo videos featuring the show’s cast.

On top of this, there have been several new screenshots released on Twitter in the last couple of days.

Today, a new behind-the-scenes video showed Iñaki Godoy visiting the Shueisha headquarters where Shonen Jump magazine’s office is located. But he did more than just show off what’s inside.

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Luffy Actor Iñaki Godoy Visits Shonen Jump Office

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The video started with Godoy showing off the notable hallway of the Shueisha office where standees of its titles are located. Of course, Godoy posed with the Luffy standee there.

Next, he entered the main part of the office where he interacted with some of the company’s staff, including the Editor-in-Chief.

He also showed off some impressive One Piece merch and memorabilia that are strewn through the office. Check out the full video here:

Perhaps the most exciting part of the video is when Godoy got the chance to see Eiichiro Oda's original drawing for One Piece’s first chapter.

This likely won’t be the last promo video for the show though, as Netflix will surely hype up the show’s release even more in the coming weeks.

After all, the One Piece live-action series is set to premiere on August 31.

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