What Does the One Piece Treasure Look Like?

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What Does the One Piece Treasure Look Like Luffy
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Luffy’s goal in One Piece is to become the King of the Pirates and to achieve that, he must acquire the One Piece treasure. But what does this treasure actually look like? Is it like the typical gold and jewels we see in other shows? Or does the longest-running manga have a different take on what the One Piece treasure truly is?

As the story progressed, there have been different tales and hints about the One Piece treasure. It is said that it is located in Grand Land: Laugh Tale and is described as a treasure with unimaginable value.


But what kind of treasure is waiting for Luffy at the end of his journey?

Who Owns the One Piece Treasure?

Who Owns the One Piece Treasure

The One Piece treasure was initially owned by Pirate King Gol D. Roger, one of the greatest pirates in the Grand Line. He revealed this marvelous treasure before he was executed.


While traveling, he discovered that he was terminally ill, and to make his last moments memorable, he decided to go on a journey to uncover the world’s secrets.

He and his crew reached the final island called Laugh Tale or Raftel. After that, he surrendered himself to the Marines to be executed but he announced that he had a great treasure hidden in “one place” which is called the One Piece.

Pirates have been searching for the mysterious One Piece treasure since then.

What Does the One Piece Treasure Look Like?

What Does the One Piece Treasure Look Like

Unfortunately, the mysterious treasure has not yet been revealed as of writing. There are also fans who believe that the treasure might not be real at all while others are still patiently waiting for its revelation.

Whitebeard and Silvers Rayleigh confirmed that the treasure is real so there is a chance that the One Piece treasure is a tangible item after all.


There are some fan theories stating that it could be a poneglyph, a stone figure that contains ancient language.

It could also be one of the three ancient weapons that the World Government wants to destroy: Pluton, Poseidon, or Uranus.

What Does the One Piece Treasure Look Like

In addition, Roger and his crew arrived at Laugh Tale during the Wano Arc and found a mysterious entity called Joy Boy in the One Piece lore.

It has been said that there are two Joy Boys in history. The first one was in charge of leaving a certain item on the last island of Grand Line.

Meanwhile, the second Joy Boy is expected to appear in the series but it is currently unknown when.

Roger found the story amusing so he called the final island, Laugh Tale.


Since no pirate has obtained the treasure yet, Luffy still has a chance to achieve his goal and hopefully reveal to fans what the One Piece treasure truly is.

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