One Piece Day 2023 Shares New Trailer and Luffy Gear 5 Visual

One Piece Day 2023 Trailer Luffy Gear 5
Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece Day 2023 Trailer Luffy Gear 5
Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Toei Animation

Ahead of the annual celebration of the beloved franchise, One Piece Day 2023 got a new trailer and a key visual that features Luffy’s Gear 5 form.

Aside from the cool visual, the trailer also revealed lots of details about the upcoming event, including a special screening of Film: Red, as well as themed areas for fans to enjoy.

Similar to last year’s event, this will also have a hybrid format, meaning fans at home in Japan and internationally will also be able to enjoy the festivities.

One Piece Day Gets a New Trailer

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One Piece Day is an event in Japan that happens every year. As its name implies, it happens every July to celebrate the anniversary of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved series.

Despite some quarantine restrictions, One Piece Day 2022 became one of the biggest events in the series’ history given that it was right in time for the 25th anniversary.

There, lucky fans were treated to the premiere screening of One Piece Film: Red, the movie that heavily featured the fan-favorite Shanks.

Now, fans can expect even more big things at the 2023 event, especially as the trailer highlighted some cool stuff that attendees can enjoy.

Specifically, there will be a Special Cheer Screening of Film: Red, which is essentially a concert-style screening.

There’s also a special stage with the cast members of the anime, along with a huge installation.

This installation will no doubt become a popular photo spot as it features what seems to be a huge statue of Luffy’s Gear 5.

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Luffy’s Gear 5 Highlighted in New One Piece Day 2023 Key Visual

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Aside from the trailer, a key visual for the event was also released, and it’s none other than Luffy’s now-signature Gear 5 form in its white-and-purple glory.

While manga fans have been familiar with this for some time now, this is technically a spoiler for anime-only fans, though it’s hard not to see it online as it’s been plastered all over social media since last year.

For anime-only fans who watched Film: Red, this Luffy form made a quick appearance, albeit a non-canon one most likely.

One Piece Day 2023 will happen at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo from July 21 to 22, 2023.

Some of the activities there will be streamed live for international fans to enjoy.

Currently, there’s no word yet on other major anime or manga-related announcements at the event.

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