One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda Admits Errors in Chapter 1062 Concerning Kuma, Vegapunk

one piece chapter 1062 errors kuma

one piece chapter 1062 errors kuma

While the latest chapter came with lots of big reveals, it also featured some errors. Following its official release, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda acknowledged the Chapter 1062 errors involving Bartholomew Kuma and Vegapunk.

Oda made an image message that addressed these errors, and it was shared on the official One Piece Twitter account.

The message detailed the specific mistakes concerning two major characters in the chapter.

Spoiler Warning: There are One Piece Chapter 1062 spoilers in this article.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Recap

The latest chapter was a big one as it featured big reveals regarding Vegapunk and Bartholomew Kuma, two characters that have so far been cloaked in mystery, at least until the latest events.

Chapter 1062 starts with the rest of the Straw Hats sans Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe as they encounter Vegapunk.

It is soon revealed that the Vegapunk they encounter is one of six Vegapunks as the great doctor split his body into six.

The one they meet is Punk-02 aka Lilith, who seems to have an evil personality as she aims to shake down the Straw Hats for more research money.

But she is stopped by Punk-01 aka Shaka the Good as he is interested in them.

rob lucci one piece
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The scene then shifts to Luffy, Bonney, and company as they got separated from the rest of the crew.

There, Bonney reveals that Kuma is her father and that Vegapunk was the one who turned him into a cyborg.

Soon, the four of them encounter more of Vegapunk’s creations along with another Vegapunk body named Atlas.

It takes on the form of a child, albeit with a massive size. According to Luffy, this Punk is about as big as Kaido.

The chapter ends with the scene shifting to Rob Lucci and CP0 as they talk about their plan of taking down all of Vegapunk’s bodies.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Errors

There are two errors in the chapter, though they are rather minor and don’t affect the story. They’re basically just writing and coloring errors.

To start with, the chapter sees Atlas being codenamed Punk-06. But as Oda reveals in his message, Atlas should be Punk-05.

Because of this, we expect to see this panel get revised soon online and in the volume release version.

The next one involves Kuma. On page 17, the Kuma Seraphim with CP0 has black hair. This is an error as its hair is supposed to be white.

Aside from these, there are no other errors in Chapter 1062.

One Piece’s story will continue in Chapter 1063 which will release this weekend.

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